December Planner Album

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Hi everyone, Sarah here! So excited to share another  December album project with you. I started thinking about things that I would like to have in a planner and came up with a few ideas. Color and texture are a must. I want my planner to make me feel happy when I open it. I need multiple sections. I love to keep lists, talk about what happened in my day, and even occasionally plan for something (this is actually the least important aspect of this planner for me, I want it for the day to day tracking more than anything). Then it dawned on me, the biggest reasons that I need a planner are for my to do lists and for recording info for memory keeping. So why not use the same album for both. I’m sure in ten years I’ll love looking back on my daily tasks in addition to the normal day to day activities that I normally record in my scrapbooking. Blog Header December Planner Album As I thought more about what I wanted out of my planner I came to another realization. I already had the perfect tools for this planner, lots and lots of digital journal cards. Heavily inspired by Lori’s 30 Days of Grateful album, I created this quick template in my scrapbook software. I set up an 8″x10″ canvas and placed four 3″x4″ rectangles in a quadrant, making sure to leave a half inch border to the left side for binding. planner template After I had this set up I began creating planner pages. The beauty of having the template set up is that in addition to 3″x4″ journal cards I was also able to clip papers and other sizes of journal cards to the template giving me even more variety. planner page My album was created mostly using the Joy Memory Pockets Monthly and the 2014 Document You December Collection. Using these two collections gave me a wealth of material to choose from. Here are some of the printed pages, ready to be trimmed and bound.  For printing I printed on normal quality setting and found it to be satisfactory for a project like this. I began trimming each page on the right side and then the bottom, I then measured 6.5″ from the right side to allow that half inch for binding and 8″ from the bottom to complete each page. I then stamped the date on each page with a simple office date stamp. printed pages I also created a cover page and cut it to the same 6.5″ x 8″ dimensions. I punched two holes in the binding area (the same distance from the top and bottom of the paper) on each page and bound them with book rings. album cover Each day I pulled out my planner and at the very least documented what we did that day. The beauty of creating an album this way is the back of each page is blank giving space for photos or other memorabilia to be attached for each day’s pages. For the first day I loved this picture of my daughter with her eggnog latte I knew I wanted it to take up the entire page. Dec 1 pages For this page I created a collage of some of the photos I took when we went on a favorite holiday outing of ours. I also used a different stamp set to stamp the date on this page because I wanted such a fun date to stand out. Dec 13 pages Another collage, this time with some close ups of our very nontraditional Christmas tree. Dec 15 pages Not every page is Christmas focused. On this day we went to our favorite game store and played some games. I also didn’t think to take any photos so instead of a large photo or photo collage I borrowed a photo from Facebook that a friend of mine posted (with permission of course) and wrote out a little bit about the rules of the game we were playing. dec 20 pages I used December as a test run and have decided that this method will most likely cover the majority of my memory keeping for 2015. Of course, I still have 2012-2014 pocket scrapping as well as my traditional layouts and art journaling to keep me busy, which is why I’m really looking forward to this low key method of memory keeping for the upcoming year.   TLP-blog-signature-sarahbhb      

Mobile Highlights

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It’s time for our last mobile highlights of the year, where has the time gone! My husband and I have been out this evening finishing off some of our last holiday shopping and soaking up the atmosphere in our town, it’s been lovely.

So, lets start with this lovely layout mollycscraps! Molly uses patterns is a beautiful way here to mat her large photo without distracting from her adorably cheeky subject. The different sized snowflakes and careful placement of elements really draw your eye in to the photo.


Next up is this fabulous pile of prints of gorgeous DYD products from idocumentlife; I always think it’s so lovely to see how lovely digital products translate so well into printed form. I look forward to seeing what comes of these!


Lorryfach’s vibrant and masculine layout is up next, the use of the geometric shapes from the chevrons gives a really urban feel which is again reflected in the urban setting of the photo. I love this stolen moment of city life captured in this layout.


Next up is something a little softer, a great fall family photo paired with the sun burst paper cuts and lovely word art lends itself to coming together in a simple but brilliantly designed layout from MyMalloryBoys.


Finally, you all know by now how much I like a good pocket page, and this one is no exception from StaciaHall. The bold colours of this photoless page are fabulous and the heartfelt statements contained in this art-journal style documenting are wonderful as we head towards a new year!


And, that’s all for 2014, but be sure to keep hashtagging so that we can find your lovely creations to share as we hop on in to the new year.