Basic Hybrid Supplies

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Lots of digital scrappers comment how they wish they could be a hybrid scrapper, but don’t know where to start. Today I’m sharing with you some hybrid basic supplies. My hope is that this will give a basic knowledge of supplies needed to start hybrid scrapping, and give some of you the nudge to get started in hybrid. Lets go over the supplies you need:

  • Imagery software (Photoshop, PSE, GIMP, SBC, CraftArtist, etc)
  • Digital Products from The LilyPad Store
  • White cardstock or presentation paper
  • Printer or access to a copy spot that prints color
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Adhesive (Gluestick, Dot Runner, etc)
  • Pens

Now lets talk about why you want/need the above supplies.

  • Imagery software — From experience I can tell you that it is possible to create a hybrid project without imagery software.  I can also tell you that it is very difficult to do and takes a lot more time!  Having a software suitable for manipulating images makes the whole process easier.  Currently I use Photoshop CS6, but in the past I used PSE which is a great beginner software to learn on.
  • Digital Products from The LilyPad Store — You need elements and papers to create your projects with, and The LilyPad store is full of awesome designs!
  • White cardstock or presentation paperBoth of these are good options to print on.  Many hybrid scrappers will tell you they prefer presentation paper because when printing on cardstock your colors can be muted.  I find this to be mildly true, but I don’t think your project is ruined or looks awful if you do use cardstock.  I suggest just using what is readily available for your first project.
  • Printer or access to a copy spot that prints color — If you are happy with your printer and the way it prints color then use it!  If you don’t have a printer or your printer doesn’t print well, find a local copy spot.  For my cards I usually print at home.  However, I do send out to my local copy spot if I am making duplicates of a card, making a large hybrid project, or if I’m having a fight with my printer.
  • Scissors or paper trimmer — Either of these instruments will work to create a hybrid project.  Precision scissors are great if you want to cut out small details.  Regular old scissors will work too!  Paper trimmers work well for cutting out different sized papers in a quick and efficient way.
  • Adhesive — A good adhesive is essential when creating hybrid projects. There is a huge variety of adhesives to choose from. I have linked my favorite adhesive. Feel free to try something different. I know a lot of hybrid scrappers who get awesome results with simple cheap gluesticks!       Don’t be afraid to try things out and ditch them if they don’t work for you!
  • Pens – While it could be argued that this isn’t always necessary for a hybrid project, I find myself reaching for a pen more often than not. I use black pens to write in my cards, darken printer lines that aren’t as sharp as I would like, and many other uses. When looking at pens be mindful of what type of project you will be using it on. This will help you determine the size and type of pen to buy.

I know that was bit of information to think about, but just take a few minutes to review it and you’ll be ready to start making hybrid projects soon!  Comment below if there is a subject I touched on that you would like more information about. Also, check out all the wonderful hybrid tutorials and blog posts that are available here at The LilyPad blog for more ideas about hybrid scrapping!


Polly Picks Liana

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Hello!  Polly Karen here bring you another installment of the popular Polly Picks!  Every two weeks we ask one of our staff members to choose their favorite products in the shop.  Then we put those products on sale!  Our latest Polly Picks sale includes products chosen by the fabulous Liana (yellowpeep):  
Liana (yellowpeep) has been a Polly for years and is one of the best participants in the forum.  She is witty and funny and can always be counted on to keep us laughing with her posts in the forum.  Not only is she a hoot, but her layouts are always gorgeous and in no small part due to her amazing photography skills.  It doesn’t hurt that she has two completely darling girls as her models.     I asked Liana to describe her style, and this is what she had to say:
Aloha!  I was born and raised in Hawai’i and I’m a kindergarten teacher so I tend to gravitate towards bright, sunshiny pops of color.  Even though I love to admire layouts that have tiny, simple elements and neutral or subtle colors, I just can’t seem to make that look happen in my layouts.  Instead, I almost always end up with bold splashes of color and huge photos.  When I’m creating a layout, I think of it as taking on a “personality” to match the photo or the theme of the layout.  Celebratory photos get noisy, colorful backgrounds and lots of glitter.   Sweet,  touching photos are accompanied by softer and more etherial elements.  I love using templates because I have a very hard time starting layouts and they give me a boost by allowing me to visualize the general layout of the page before I begin.  There isn’t really a consistent theme to my layouts except bright colors and bold statements.  That’s why I love the Lilypad so much– the designers cover such a wide range of styles so I can always find something I like.
Here is some fantastic inspiration from Liana:      
Each page/project above is linked so you can go to the gallery and leave Liana some love. Or just go to the sale right now, and make your own fun projects with the products Liana chose!  These particular products will be on sale for two weeks. 
Are you up for a challenge? There is one that goes with this Polly Picks sale. It is HERE in the forum and you could be the winner of a $5 coupon to spend in the TLP shop! selected the winner of our last Polly Picks – Jewelle  challenge.  Post number 11 – Carilyne is the winner!  She created this lovely page!  Congratulations!
So check out Liana’s picks and show us what you can do!  I can’t wait to see your pages!