Photo Shoot Clothing on a Budget

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Greetings, Happy Scrappers!

Polly Liana here with some quick ways to stretch your dollar when gathering clothes for your kids’ photo shoots.  With the great weather reaching many of us these days, it’s fun to get your kids outside and the some fun photos of them for framing, gifts, etc.  However, you don’t want to have to plunk down hundreds of dollars on dance fashion clothing that your kids are only going to wear a couple of times.  I’ve gathered a bunch of tips that will help you save money and still have your kids look like a million bucks.  Full disclosure: I have two girls so I don’t have as much experience with boy’s clothing.  However, I’m including a bunch of tips that apply to everyone.

The Basics:

1.  Avoid overly trendy looks and cartoon characters.  Sure, your Elsa dress might look cute on your daughter now but after a few years, there will be a new “it” character.  Keep the looks timeless so they’ll look great hanging on the wall for years.

2. Keep tones similar and avoid neon tones.  Imagine how unflattering it would be to put a bright yellow balloon right below someone’s chin in a photo.  That’s the effect neon clothes have on skin tones.  When choosing color schemes, stick with similar tones like jewel or pastel tones.

3. Pay attention to details.  You can put together the best outfit but if your child is wearing scuffed up shoes, it can distract from the whole look.

Shopping on a budget:

1. Think outside the box.  Cloth napkins can be wrapped around waists or worn like bandanas.  In fact, this little layered “dress” below is actually an apron that I got on clearance at Pier One! flower hat 2.  Raid your own closet.  Kids can wear adult scarves and even some knit hats.  This hat and headband were purchased on clearance at a women’s fashion shop.

burgundy hatpurple hat

3.  Tutus ROCK.   If you can find them on sale, get them.  They dress up any style, they can appear soft or edgy and look great with everything from ballet flats to boots.


4. Gather accessories!  A simple little headband or necklace may be all you need to get a classic image.


5. Shop clearance and discount shops.  This may seem like a no-brainer but some people avoid clearance because there might be damage or it’s ill-fitting.  Remember: this is a photo shoot!  Your children will not be wearing the clothes for very long and it’s easy to hide flaws.  (the sweater below had a rip in the back so I got this cute outfit for almost nothing.  You’d never know!)


I hope this list has helped inspire you to gather up some fun looks for your kids’ photo shoots without spending a ton of dough.  Have fun with it!  You never know what you might find.

Have a great weekend,


April Challenge Spotlight

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Hello everyone!  Polly Karen here, bringing you the April edition of the Challenge Spotlight.  Once a month I have the privilege of looking through the challenge galleries to find just a few of my favorite layouts and shine my spotlight on them here.

If you aren’t familiar with the challenges, here’s a little information about them to get you started. If you play along with our 7 monthly challenges you can earn yourself a coupon to use on your next Lilypad shopping spree.  You will earn as follows:  2 challenges = 10% off, 4 challenges = 20% off and 6 challenges = 30% off.  Also if you finish all 7 challenges, in addition to your coupon, you will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win 1 of 2 guest spots on the Creative Team (be a Polly) for a month!  Now let’s look at some of the standout pages created for this month’s challenges:

1.  One Word Challenge - Blessed:

by fruitysuet:

by mummyd:

2.  Product Challenge - Pattern Paper:

by Lynncal:

by dotcomkari:

3.  Scraplift ChallengeWendy85:

by KellyM:

by MrsPeel:

4.  Journaling Challenge – journal about an inanimate object:

by Ellie:

by KayTeaPea:

by karbolik:

5.  Template Challenge – Use the provided FREE template:

by amandajane:

by Amson:

6.  Random Challenge – Scrap something random about your subject:

by bcnatty:

by Zeneva:

7.  BYOC Challenge - Use 90% BYOC products from at least 3 designers:

by beszteri:

by mimisgirl:

And that my friends, is a load of fabulous layouts!  And that is just a tiny sample of the amazing pages in the challenge galleries!  I truly love doing this post each month because it never fails to leave me excited to scrap!   If you loved looking through these layouts as much as I did, go ahead and click on them and leave these artists a little love.  All images are linked.  Also, this is your reminder that you have until April 30th to complete these challenges yourself and earn a discount coupon and possibly even a guest spot on the Creative Team!  I’ll be back near the 1st of the month to show you the next batch of monthly challenges.  Until then, happy scrapping!