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Hey all, Polly Jewelle here! I am excited to bring you another TLP member spotlight!  I had the opportunity to chat with tkradtke this week. Tracie is a pro at pocket scrapping here at the Pad.  She is so on top of her pocket scrapping that she already has her first book for 2014 printed! Lets sit back and take some time to get to know more about tkradtke!

Jewelle:  What is your IRL name and your user name? tkradtke: Tracie Radtke – tkradtke

Jewelle: Could you provide a picture of yourself so we can see who you are?

Jewelle: Where do you call home?

tkradtke: Chicago, IL

J: Digital or Hybrid? Both?

T: Digital, but recently did my first hybrid-ish project. My daughter and I kept travel journals during our big road trip this summer. We used TLP products to make day dividers, stickers and journal cards for our books.

J: How long have you been scrapping?

T: I started scrapping in 2005 (I think). Always digital.

J: What is the starting point for your pages – photos, the story, products?

T: My starting point is always the photos, and then I fill in the rest from there.

J: How would you describe your style?

T: I’m am pretty much 100% a pocket scrapper. I started with project life in 2013 and have totally fallen in love with that style of scrapping. I use it beyond PL for the other albums I do as well. My style is pretty clean and simple.

J: Any must-have items or techniques on all of your pages?

T: Since I’m primarily a project life scrapper, my must haves on each weekly spread this year are a week number card and a calendar card. I really like the week number for my own organization and I like the calendar card for knowing exact dates.

J: Share a favorite tip or trick

T: My biggest timesaver that I’m just getting in the habit of doing consistently is copying and pasting my background paper or stitching grid to my PL page so it lines up perfectly. I forget occasionally and drag it over instead. Then I spend forever making sure the grid lines up exactly with the pockets on my page.

J: Do you listen to music while you scrap? What kind?

T: No… I scrap in silence once the kids are off to school!

J: What’s your favorite snack (if any) while you scrap?

T: These days my scrapping time is right after I drop off my daughter at school, so my scrapping “snack” is currently my breakfast. At the moment, my go to breakfast is a Belvita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuit, Oats and Chocolate variety.

J: What time of day do you feel most creative?

T:  I feel more creative in the evening, but I’m more productive in the morning. This works well with my style. In the morning I edit my photos and add them to a pocket template, then later in the day, I add the fun stuff.

J: Any pictures of your workplace?

T: I need help in this department! In our new house, my daughter and I have a craft room for our projects but we haven’t sorted out what we’d like it to look like yet!

J: Share with us your top 3 layouts that you’ve created.

T: In no particular order:

T: Week 28

T: Week 4

T: Week 34

Thank you Tracie for letting us learn more about you!

Head on over to Tracie’s TLP Gallery to see more of her amazing pocket pages!  Do you want to be spotlighted on the TLP blog? Keep posting your layouts in the gallery and you may be next!


Jumpstarting Your Mojo

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A couple of times each year I find myself in a scrapbooking funk. You know what I mean, when you feel like you don’t want to scrapbook or that everything you do scrapbook isn’t good. We affectionately call it “losing our mojo.” Despite sounding fun, losing your mojo can be a very debilitating experience. On more than one occasion, losing my mojo has made me question whether or not I should continue on with scrapbooking.

The thing is, I have a lot to lose if I leave scrapbooking behind. Mainly, that my memories would become just pictures that are saved on an external hard drive. That’s what keeps me coming back every time. So. over the years, I’ve come up with a few tricks to try and regain my mojo. I wanted to share them with you today.

  1. Forget the past – one thing that always keeps me hung up is when I get behind in my scrapbooking. When you’re doing a weekly-style project, just a few weeks of no mojo can leave you pretty far behind. I’ve found that the best way to find my mojo, is to leave the backlog behind. I start right from where I am. Sometimes I go back and do the weeks I missed, sometimes I don’t. I’m ok with that.
  2. Push outside of your box -Another trick I try is to do something new, something I haven’t tried before. In the past, I’ve tried art journaling, switching from 12×12 to pocket scrapping, and minimalist scrapping all to break my funk. More recently, I experimented with using certain colors on my pages, which I wrote about a few days ago on the blog.
  3. Eliminate the “have tos” – One thing about the digi scrapping community is that we all end up part of some smaller community or team. We take on responsibilities to create layouts for designers or blog for a certain team, because we want to be part of the community and help out. When I am really down on my mojo, I find it best to eliminate the scrapbooking that I’m required to do. Take a leave of absence from a team or work out a small break, do whatever you can to get back to scrapbooking for you and you only.
  4. Enlist some help – I really wouldn’t have made it this far in digital scrapbooking without the help of my online friends. They are there to support me when I’m down, to push me to try harder, and to help me make sure that my head is working in unison with my heart. Having someone like that to help you break out of your funk is often key in finding your mojo again.
  5. Take a break – This one is pretty drastic, but often is the most relieving and inspiring. Sometimes, when I am really in a mojo-less funk, I decide to step back and take a break. I decide to spend some time not scrapbooking, to fall off the digital scrapbooking “grid.” I’ve only done it a few times, but each time I’ve known it was the right decision and it got me back on track faster than any of my other tricks ever have.

Losing your mojo can be a very disheartening experience. Trying some of these tricks that have helped me in the past may help you find your mojo quicker than you can imagine.