Easy Canada Day Decor

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Hi all, Sarah here. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian readers. I’m from the USA, but I married a Canadian 15 years ago and I always try to do something special for him and my daughter on Canada Day. Today I decided to create some really simple framed pieces from journal cards. canada day header I chose this set from Just Jaimee for my project. I resized the journal cards to fit better in the opening that would be left by the frame (slightly larger than 3.25″x2.25″) and printed them out on bright white cardstock. justjaimee_ocjc_prevtlp For the frame I used craft sticks. For each frame I needed two 4″ lengths and two 2.25″ lengths. Since I needed two frames I cut four of each length. I was able to cut these with some heavy duty scissors. A utility knife would have probably worked better since I did experience some splitting, and that may have solved the problem. canada day 1 Since this is a temporary piece just for today I simply used a strong tape to connect the frame together. I was able to then pull the backing from the tape and use the tape to adhere my journal card to the frame. canada day 2 Finally I clipped up my Canada Day frames to the clips from my wall art project. canada day 4 What a fun way to incorporate special days into our decor. Of course, this could be done with journal cards for any special occasion or holiday. I would love to see your take on a project like this. If you create a framed piece for journal cards I would love to see it. Make sure to add it to the Hybrid Projects gallery so everyone can admire your new decor!   TLP-blog-signature-sarahbhb

What’s Popular on Pinterest?

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Hello everyone! Polly Melanie here.

Do you use Pinterest? I am a Pinterest junkie! I think it’s an amazing source of inspiration for scrapbookers!

For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a popular social media site that lets users collect & pin photos to virtual pin boards! Each pin can be “re-pinned” by other users to their own boards. Also, each pin usually includes a link to wherever someone found the image on the internet.

The Lilypad has a very active Pinterest site with boards dedicated to all forms of scrapbooking, ways to improve your photography & all kinds of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

We have a huge vault of blog posts, forum posts & gallery uploads here at the Lilypad! When I was looking through the analytics for the Lilypad Pinterest account, I noticed there were a lot of things from the vault that were popular on Pinterest, things I had never even seen before! I found this fascinating, and I thought you would, too!

So here are some things to inspire you! I thought it would be really fun to share with you today the most popular blog posts, forum posts & gallery posts on Pinterest in June 2015 from the Lilypad!

Hall of Fame

In December of 2011, Polly Melissa wrote a blog post on ways to master pretty bokeh using Christmas lights. One of the examples included in the post was this lighted backdrop using Christmas lights. This is the most popular, most re-pinned & clicked-on Lilypad item of all time on Pinterest!

Click on the image below to go to the blog post that explains how to make this backdrop & the camera settings to use to get the best photo.

Lighted backdrop by Christine at the Lilypad

Here’s the adorable photo using this background:

Snappin’ Sunday: Christmas Lights at the Lilypad

Most Re-pinned in June

(Note: I was just looking at analytics for June for this blog post. The re-pinned numbers below represent the number of re-pins of all time!)

1. This fabulous page was the most re-pinned Lilypad item in the month of June! Unfortunately this links to a product no longer available in the store & I couldn’t find the layout in the gallery. Please let me know if this is your layout or you recognize this layout and know something about it!

I Want to Remember at the Lilypad

(original pin)

2. This is such a sweet birthday invitation! The original pin links to Jacque Larsen’s Tooth Fairy element pack & I cannot find the creator of this invitation. If this is your invitation, please let me know!

Fairy Birthday Invitation

(original pin)

3. Polly Dalis created this beautiful page with a Georgia O’Keefe quote that I think we can all relate to!

Georgia O'Keefe quote by dalis

(original pin)

4. This sweet Disney-themed pocket page was created by miki_nenn in April 2014 using Project Mouse journal cards!

Project Mouse January 9 by miki_nenn at the Lilypad

(original pin)

5. This gorgeous layout, “Because when you look around …,” was created in October 2013 by hallymichelle!

Because when you look around... by hallyMichelle

(original pin)

Most Clicked-on Pins in June

Here I wanted to share with you the top 5 most clicked-on pins, but 2 of them overlap with the most re-pinned items – the lighted backdrop & the fairy birthday invitation above!

1. In July of 2014, Polly Sarah wrote a tutorial about scrapping with lists for the We Are Storytellers promotion here at the Lilypad. She included her awesome page with 100 things that make her happy!

100 things by sarabhb at the Lilypad

(original pin)

3. In July of 2013, Polly Liana shared a really fun tutorial on the blog on how she painted wooden peg dolls for her daughters! wooden painted peg dolls by Liana at the Lilypad

(original pin)

5. In March of 2013, Christine wrote an interesting blog post on how to use photo collages in your storytelling. She included this image from her own pocket scrapbooking album. Photo collages by Christine (list girl) at the Lilypad

(original pin)

See? Isn’t this fascinating?! I hope you enjoyed this look at the most popular Lilypad items on Pinterest in the month of June!

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