October Challenge Spotlight

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Hello everyone!  Polly Karen here, bringing you the October edition of the Challenge Spotlight.  Once a month I have the privilege of looking through the challenge galleries to find just a few of my favorite layouts and shine my spotlight on them here.

If you aren’t familiar with the challenges, here’s a little information about them to get you started. If you play along with our 7 monthly challenges you can earn yourself a coupon to use on your next Lilypad shopping spree.  You will earn as follows:  2 challenges = 10% off, 4 challenges = 20% off and 6 challenges = 30% off.  Also if you finish all 7 challenges, in addition to your coupon, you will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win 1 of 2 guest spots on the Creative Team (be a Polly) for a month!  Now let’s look at some of the standout pages created for this month’s challenges:

1.  One Word Challenge – Together:

by bjc:

by dotcomkari:

2.  Template Challenge – Use the FREE template by Just Jaimee:

by mollyc:

by purlz76:

3.  Product Challenge – Date Elements:

by staciahall:

by JillW:

4.  Random Challenge – Telephone Game:

by Justagirl:

by kaphelps:

5.  BYOC Challenge - Use 90% BYOC products from at least 3 designers:

by EllenT:

by SanVHM:

by JenEm:

6.  Journaling Challenge – Dressing Up:

by MelanieB:

by MrsPeel:

7.  Scraplift Challenge - Brandi:

by LilisMother:

by bcgal00:

by Jenna:

How is that for a pile of awesome and creative layouts?  I am stunned every month when I look through all of the entries for the monthly challenges and I love seeing all the amazing artists we have at The Lilypad.  If you loved looking through these layouts as much as I did, go ahead and click on them and leave these artists a little love.  All images are linked.  Also, this is your reminder that you have until October 31st to complete these challenges yourself and earn a discount coupon and possibly even a guest spot on the Creative Team!  I’ll be back at the beginning of November to show you the next batch of monthly challenges.  Until then, happy scrapping!


Tips for Great Halloween Photos

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Greetings, Spooooooky Scrappers!

Polly Liana here, with some tips to make your Halloween photos the best they can be.

First things first: as with scrapping, start doing your photos before the big day.  If you’ve got kids or if you live on a busy street for trick-or-treaters, it is likely you will be very busy on the afternoon and evening of Halloween.  So, in the days before, try to take some photos to capture the details you want to remember.

Of course, one of the most important details is costumes.  I love to get my kids dressed up ahead of time, put them against a blank wall with lots of sunlight from a window and get a couple of great shots of them.  It’s much easier to do it during the day than trying to do it the night of Halloween.  In the end, it could be the difference between these two looks:


Here are a few more of my oldest daughter over the years (note the simple backgrounds):


Another thing I love to capture is great Halloween decor.  I’m no decorating goddess, so I just steal photos of my friends’ fabulous looks.  Parties are great times to bring a camera and snap some shots of terrifically scary decorations.  Here are a few I’ve gathered over the years.   None of them are mine but I’ve used them in my layouts because they really capture fantastic Halloween goodness:


Don’t forget to use macro settings to get some great close-up shots of details…


Besides the costumes, decor and details, there are a few must-get shots on my list every year during trick-or-treating.  Namely, the “standing at the door, waiting” shot:


And the “walking from behind” shot:


Usually, I am very much against the use of flash for photography because you’ll usually end up getting shots like this:


But since most of the action is at night, you usually do need to suck it up and use a flash.  In those cases, I like to use a snap-on diffuser so the light bounces around instead of a direct flash, if I can help it.  Sometimes NOT using a flash can produce some really cool effects.  Like when I took a photo of our pumpkin and moved the lens down during the capture.  Looks kind of spooky, doesn’t it?


And of course the last piece of advice… once you’ve got those wonderful Halloween images, plunk them down in a template and surround them with Halloween goodies from our store.  Here is a sampling of dynamite templates and products I found that are just right for Halloween and fall:


Hope I’ve inspired you to run out there and get some awesome Halloween shots.  Have a safe and happy time (if you celebrate)! I leave you with this year’s costume shot of the two little gremlins in my house…  :) IMG_5404-1`