Using a Tool to Correct White Balance

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Hi Happy Scrappers!

Well, the weekend is almost here and it’s likely that you may be taking some photos soon.  You may notice that under certain circumstances, your photos end up being too “warm’ or “cool” and look nothing like what you’re seeing with your own eyes.  Many times, this phenomenon is caused by your camera incorrectly calculating the “white balance” of the environment.   Basically, white balance is the “temperature” of an image, commonly caused by the color cast of the light source.  I notice that when I shoot a photo in my living room at night, our lights end up making photos look completely yellow.  It’s possibly to correct an incorrect white balance in post-processing using programs like Photoshop but there is an easier way to get it right the first time.  Enter the white balance tool.


I use a tool call the Expodisc.  It’s a super simple little disc that I snap onto the end of my lens and it helps me adjust white balance more correctly.  Here’s how it works:


First, keeping my camera on auto white balance, I take a photo of the light source while the Expodisc is attached to my lens.   The image looks like this:


Then, I switch my camera to “custom” white balance.


Finally, my camera allows me to set up shortcuts.  One of my shortcuts is to set a custom white balance.  I choose the gray image I took with the tool, which then becomes my custom white balance.


That’s it!  Here are some unedited out-of-camera before and afters…









Obviously, that last photo is better but not perfect yet.  I have found that this tool can get my out-of-camera photos a lot closer to the real thing, requiring less time in post processing.

Hope this post helps you perfect your photographs.  Happy Friday!

Memory Pockets Monthly May Collection: Create!

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Hello everyone!

Polly Melanie here with the monthly recap of everything that’s happening in the world of Memory Pockets Monthly!

The theme for the May collection is Create and the collection is full of bold colours, fun geometric shapes and inspiring word art! In the MPM forum, designer Amber LaBau shared what inspired the team as they were putting together this month’s collection. Here’s part of what she said:

As memory-keeping creatives, it is easy to hear the word “create” and immediately think of artistic creativity – pulling out the paints and sprays, our photo editing software, stamps and whatever else it takes to create a work of art for generations to come. However, there’s a different kind of creating that is so important as memory keepers, but also as members of the human race: The creation of SELF and the creation of STORY.

Take a look at this month’s gorgeous main collection! It will definitely inspire you to create something wonderful! Click on the image below to see everything included in the collection.

Memory Pockets Monthly May Main Collection Create  

Fun Fact: Each month the designers include a set of numbers to help you organize your weekly pocket pages. You can number the events of the week on your journalling card & use the numbers for the corresponding photos!

Memory Pockets Monthly is a pocket scrapbooking subscription! A new collection is created every month, along with a wide variety of add-ons. When you subscribe to Memory Pockets Monthly you get a whole lot of added value:

Memory Pockets Monthly May Main Collection Create Subscription  

This month’s group of add-ons include labels, templates, pocket pockets, and so much more! Click on the image below to see each add-on!

Memory Pockets Monthly May Create Add-ons  

This month’s challenges are in full swing in the MPM forum & subscribers have the opportunity to win two great prizes! In this month’s visual challenge, designer Amber challenges to include a creation in your pocket page or digital layout! It could be artwork that you or your children created, or it could be a recipe you created, anything is fair game! Create a project showing something created & you could win a $5 coupon to Amber’s store!

Amber included scanned images of her son’s artwork! Create by Amber LaBau at the Lilypad  

MPM subscriber Jenn included a photo of her boys playing outside & creating chalk art!

Create Outside by jk703  

In this month’s storytelling challenge, designer Sara Gleason challenges you to get creative and journal on a photo! This is a great way to save space in a pocket page. Sara is offering a really unique prize this month! You can win a $5 gift card to her store, OR you can act as Sara’s Creative Director & help her create a future add-on!

Here’s how I included journalling in my pocket scrapbooking layout for this challenge: April 8 by MelanieB at the Lilypad  

Keep your eye out for this month’s MPM tutorial in the forum tomorrow! I’ll be showing you how to create visual balance in your pocket scrapbooking pages!

Have a great month & happy scrapping! As always, I leave you with some eye candy from the Memory Pockets Monthly Gallery here at the Lilypad! Here are some of the pages that caught my eye in the gallery!

Allen Laugh by Andersm at the Lilypad

^ Created by Meg (andersm)

  Watercoloring by mswhittaker23 at the Lilypad

^ Created by Melissa (mswhittaker23)

  Blessed26 by dennydenny at the Lilypad

^ Created by Denise (dennydenny)

  Create Moments by wendy85 at the Lilypad

^ Created by Wendy (wendy85)

  Live Deeply by jenn_mccabe at the Lilypad

^ Created by Jenn (jenn_mccabe)

  Mother by AmberR at the Lilypad

^ Created by AmberR

  April 6 by MelanieB at the Lilypad

^ Created by MelanieB

  Mother's Day 2013 (Right) by NancyBeck at the Lilypad

^ Created by Nancy Beck

  A Happy Life by RaquelS at the Lilypad

^ Created by RaquelS

  Create by Sucali at the Lilypad

^ Created by Susanne (sucali)

  Week 12 PL by lulyg14 at the Lilypad

^ Created by Luly G (lulyg14)

  Week 8 - insert by scrapsandsass at the Lilypad ^ Created by Kimberlee (scrapsandsass)   Polly Melanie