Board Games for Preschoolers

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Hi all, Sarah here and I have another fun board game post for you all today. While I think games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders and Hi Ho Cherry-O are great learning games for preschoolers (even if we as parents don’t necessarily love them), I thought it would be fun to show off a few more games that maybe you haven’t heard of, and may even be fun for us as parents to play as well. I’ve already mentioned Animal Upon Animal and Robot Turtles in my Educational Board Games post and these are definitely two worth checking out. Here are a few more games that will be fun for your preschoolers. Note: Most of these games include small pieces so they may not be appropriate for children under 3. board games for preschoolers header Star Wars Loopin’ Chewie is a fun dexterity game where Chewbacca piloting the Millennium Falcon tries to take out your stormtroopers. Every player has a lever that helps push Chewie out of the way as he approaches their bases.  It’s so much fun to see all the crazy flips and turns that Chewie takes and he always seeems to take out stormtroopers when you least expect it. 91R3u8gyFGL._SL1500_ Monza is a HABA game (really it’s hard to wrong when you see these games in their yellow boxes). This one is a fun little car racing game that helps teach colors. 81NdO4b-PbL._SL1108_ There’s a Moose in the House is recommended for 8+ but there is no reason that an older preschooler couldn’t enjoy it. This is a fun card game where you try to keep moose away from your house and send them to your opponents houses. We always get a kick out of the Moose Traps when they come into play. 51VE0FMRF9L Elefun is a game that my daughter got a ton of enjoyment out of when she was a preschooler. The game is just the perfect length for a few plays for a preschooler’s attention span. We always had a blast trying to catch the butterflies as the flew out of the elephant’s trunk. Word of caution..this does go through the batteries at a fairly rapid rate so keep that in mind before purchasing. 91rPXn4H+AL._SL1500_ Since Halloween is fast approaching I thought I’d include a spooky game as well. I haven’t personally played this one but I know it’s a big hit with the younger members of my extended family. Spooky Stairs is a ghostly memory game where you race to top of the stairs. 51ElQqGVbTL I hope this gives you some ideas of some fun games to play with your preschool children. I’d love to know what are your preschooler’s favorite games? TLP-blog-signature-sarahbhb

Introducing the October BYOC!

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Good morning, Pad Scrappers!

Polly Liana here, totally excited to introduce you to this month’s BYOC.  For those new to the concept, BYOC stands for Build Your Own Collab.  You know fantasy football?  It’s a lot like that concept but with designers instead of football players.  Every month, the fab designers of the Lilypad create dozens of products that are all coordinated around the same palette.  The products are all unique and different but everything coordinates beautifully.  It’s like your own fantasy scrapping collab.  You pick and choose whatever you want and everything works brilliantly.  Cool, huh?  October’s palette has a wide array of tones: brights from the end of summer and jewels from the start of fall.  Let’s have a gander at what our designers cooked up for us this month:

First off, delectable papers:


Beautiful and diverse elements:


Clever alphas and word art:


Helpful templates:


And wonderful journal cards:


And get this: every single little thing in this collection is 20% off all weekend!   Plus, you can save even more than that.  Check this out:


Intrigued?  Me too!  I’ll race you to the store, where we can pick out the perfect products for our projects (like the alliteration?).  Then, we can let them shine in the gallery while we chat it up in the forums.  Can’t wait to see you there.  Ready…. set…. GO!