Making Planner Stickers from Digital Supplies

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I love planners!  I’ve had some kind of a  paper planner since 8th grade.  Planners keep me focused and on top of all the things a busy mom/wife/crafter has to keep track of.  In the past six months paper planners have really caught on with the scrapping community.  But of course we as scrappers are taking planners to a whole new level by decorating our planner pages.  Today I have a short tutorial to show you how you can make stickers for your planner using some of your digital supplies.

Planner Stickers 1

1. Select the type of sticker you want to make and also the digi supplies you want to use .  I chose to make some weather and water stickers for tracking in my planner.  For this I chose Signs of Spring  and Shaping Up  by Kate Hadfield.  Her doodles make perfect stickers!

2. Open a 8.5″ x 11″ document in Photoshop.  Place the elements that you want to make into stickers on the document.  Resize the elements to be sticker size (about .5″ – 1″), and then duplicate the elements to fill the page.  To fit more elements on a page you can use the align and distribute tools to space them evenly. Be aware as you place these elements that you will need to give yourself enough room to cut them apart.  Here is what my document looked like in photoshop.

Planner Stickers 2

3. Print your stickers on white sticker paper.  Cut the stickers apart using scissors or a paper trimmer.  You could also have your Silhouette machine cut these for you using the print and cut feature. I chose to use my paper trimmer this time.  I cut my stickers into four sections and plan to use scissors to cut a rectangle around each sticker when I need it. You can see in my picture below not only my sheets of stickers, but also how I used the stickers.

Planner Stickers 3

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful! Be sure and share any planner stickers you make with us!  We love to see your creations in TLP gallery!


Hybrid Layout with Memory Pockets Monthly and Add Ons

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Hi all, Sarah here. I love the weekend that the Memory Pockets Monthly collection gets added to the store each month. It’s exciting to see all of the great products that are created for this special collection. MPM Layout Header I used this month’s collection to go back and scrap a couple of pages from March 2013. This was a really hard month for us, so I’ve put off scrapping it, but I felt like this collection had some really great elements to document this point in our lives. MPM-Charmed-main_preview Here is my page documenting the first few days of the month. march 1-4 2013 And the 2nd page documenting the next week or so. march 5-12 2013 I love how the add ons really help stretch the main kit, adding to the versatility of Memory Pockets Monthly. I love using journal cards as is, adding my photo and/or journaling and a couple of embellishments and calling it done. But I really love seeing how I can make the collection work for me in the best way possible. Since I’m using all 4″x6″ pockets I needed to create some extra pocket cards using some of the papers and elements from the main kit and add ons. For this one I used one of the solid papers from the main kit cropped down to 4″x6″ and added a journaling element also from the main kit. I loved using Lili’s word art on my photos as well throughout my pages. march 6 2013 I’m a big fan of lined and grid papers and one of my favorite things to do is to crop these down for my pockets and then add a bit of patterned paper to one edge to give it a little more interest. This is a great way to create a pocket card for when you have a lot of journaling to record. march 10 2013 I did something similar with this card, but instead of using patterned paper I cropped the text from one of the 4″x6″ cards from the main kit since the sentiment fit so well with my journaling. march 3 2013 I love that I’m going back and getting some of my unfinished pages completed and am so happy that the Memory Pockets Monthly collections offer so much to help me get those memories documented. TLP-blog-signature-sarahbhb