Creating a Recipe Binder: Part 1

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Recipe Binder Cover

I’ve been on a quest to find the best recipes since I first learned to cook. When I was younger I was sure all those recipes were my mom’s or grandmas. I remember heading off to college with a small recipe binder holding those cherished recipes. In fact I still have that little recipe binder…

Recipe Binder

At collage I was exposed to others cooking and found new recipes I loved. In they went to my little binder. Then food blogs and pinterest become popular and I found so many more yummy recipes! My little binder exploded and became this mess of recipes.

Recipe Binder 2

The organization is lacking. It takes a long time to find the recipe I want. If I find the correct recipe, I have to battle the food stains that cover them. Anyone else have the same problem? I decided to end this problem and revamp my recipe organization. I created a plan for this HUGE project and decide to share this with you in a two part blog series. I hope you will follow along and be inspired to work on your own growing pile of growing recipes.

The first part of the series I want to discuss is preparation and how to accomplish it in five steps. Starting this project I thought I would breeze through this step. I later learned this was going to be the most time consuming part of the project. I tell you this for two reasons…first so you don’t get discouraged and second so you can be warned that this project can take more time than expected. Let’s get started on this project!

  1. Coral all recipes into one spot – My recipes were floating around in multiple spots, including the internet. I brought everything together. I did print off some of the recipes from the internet that I’m constantly referring to.
  2. Throw away unused recipes – Go through each and every recipe you have and decide whether to keep it or throw it. This was a hard step. I really had to evaluate if a recipe was one my family and I enjoyed or  not. The recipes that I was undecided about I asked input from my family. I was surprised how many recipes I actually threw away in this process.
  3. Separate according to categories – A good recipe binder has well defined categories, that allows for ease of finding recipes quickly. These categories can be different for each individual or family. Some people prefer breakfast, lunch, and dinner categories. Others prefer appetizers, main courses, desserts. Just find a category system that makes sense to you, then divide your recipes into piles of each category.
  4. Determine categories – As I mentioned above, this project takes time. Unless you want your recipes floating all around again you need to find a way to secure your piles. I chose to label my piles, binder clip each pile together and place all piles on my desk in one HUGE stack. They stay there while I work on converting them to recipe cards. The piles allow me to pull a recipe for cooking, and be able to know exactly where that recipe needs to go back to.
  5. Select supplies for binder – Of course this is the fun part of the whole process! You get to start browsing TLP store for supplies that will work for your binder. My next post will go into more detail about my binder, supplies, and set up I chose. For now I will  let you know that I selected the From Scratch Bundle by Little Butterfly Wings and Amber LaBau Designs. This bundle matched the colors I had in mind for my project perfectly.

I hope you found this informational and motivating to start your own recipe binder. Watch out for an update on my recipe binder next month!


Polly Picks – Cristina

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Hello!  Polly Karen here bring you another installment of the popular Polly Picks!  Every two weeks we ask one of our staff members to choose their favorite products in the shop.  Then we put those products on sale!  Our latest Polly Picks sale includes products chosen by the fabulous Cristina:  
cristina polly picks
Cristina is an super talented and sweet Polly.  I love that Cristina can create so many amazing layouts without templates!  She also has done some super amazing and cute hybrid projects over the years that just amaze me.  I don’t know how she has time while also working and going to school for her PHD, which if I remember correctly she received about a year ago!!  I asked Cristina to describe her style, and this is what she had to say:
I am a fast scrapper that loves color. My pages are more on the minimalist side, and I love hybrid scrapping as well as digital. Patterned papers are my favorite item! I love typewriter fonts and stamped alphas, and I embrace white space. More often than not I don’t use templates, and I just go with the flow. If I spend too much time on a page I lose interest :) so I don’t usually do any complicated techniques. My favorite products are bright patterned papers, paint splatters, alphas, and anything that has cute animals in it. :)”
Here is some fantastic inspiration from Cristina:
Each page/project above is linked so you can go to the gallery and leave Cristina some love. Or just go to the sale right now, and make your own fun projects with the products Cristina chose!  These particular products will be on sale for two weeks. 
Are you up for a challenge? There is one that goes with this Polly Picks sale. It is HERE in the forum and you could be the winner of a $5 coupon to spend in the TLP shop! selected the winner of our last Polly Picks – Sarah  challenge.  Post number 6 – lorryfach is the winner!  She created this lovely page!  Congratulations!
So check out Cristina’s picks and show us what you can do!  I can’t wait to see your pages!