Daily Routine

Daily Routine
cfile, May 8, 2018
May Journaling Callenge
KHadfield | All The Everydays (TV, groceries, keys, laundry1, laundry 2, newspaper, pasta, photos, smartphone)
KHadfield | A to Z Objects (sink, tub)
KHadfield | Born To Run (shoe1, shortspink, top, waterbottle)
KHadfield | Sleep Tight (alarmclock, bed, bedtimedrink, pillow)
KHadfield | Tooth Fairy (toothbrush2, toothpastetube2)
KHadfield | EverydayOverlays2 (days)
KHadfield | Chefs Kitchen (saucepan1)
KHadfield | Digi Scrapping (lap top, mouse, paper 4, paper6, scrap WA)
[not on store shelf right now]
KHadfield | Raspberry Sorbet (alpha)
[not on store shelf right now]
KHadfield |Spring Clean (feather duster, mop, vacuuum1)
KHadfield | Washday (dryer and washingmachine)
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