My Story (MOC7 Day 9 white on white)

My Story (MOC7 Day 9 white on white)
cfile, Jan 9, 2019
Photo is of my BFF Kittens... (6 Jan. 2019 Ziggy & Spice)

I adjusted some of my items to change them to white and also curve adjusted to brighten some elements/papers - like the paw print was brown.. I first made it b/w then I did an invert to go from black to white before adding a shadow.. the same thing with the bow/ribbon.. it was blue.. I changed to b/w then did Ctrl/Cmmd I to invert from black to white I then added a curve adjustment to brighten.

Allison Pennington | Minor Details - (Vel 3)
Paula Kesselring | basicwhite2 (papers 4, 6 & 7 some papers have slight curve adj to brighten)
Kate Hadfield | Here Kitty Kitty (pawprint - converted to b/w and curve adj)
Pink Reptile Dessigns | Out of This World (flower white - curve adj)
Elif Sahin Designs | Chapters (paint)
Elif Sahin Designs |Fall is For (ribbon - converted to B/W and then curve adj)
Elif Sahin Designs | It's About Time (doily, envelope - curve adj)
Elif Sahin Designs | Jaunt (beads -removed all beads but white and then dup white beads)
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