Grateful {Inspired by Lori}

Grateful {Inspired by Lori}
MrsPeel, Oct 11, 2020
During DSD I was impressed, once again, not just with the visual talent you all have here, but the emotional content that came out of some of the events I hosted.... this one was inspired by the extremely amazing Lori aka pagefrocks, with a page so full of bravery and honesty, elegant and superb as she always does, this time going a way beyond her usual awesomeness. She is also one of you who have communicated with me privately this weekend, so in one way or another, this is for you all too, promise I will get to each & everyone of you as soon as possible, so, with all the love in the world, this is for you, Lori, and for each and everyone of you who have come to me with a message that makes me feel less useless :) Thank you for all the time shared, in chats, in gallery, in forum (when I was able to be around more) and our little private chats, thank you for letting me enter your world, share your everyday life, see your kids grow, and for giving me the happiest feeling I can have as part of this community...that I can make a difference with the little ideas I have for scraps and by being here for you.
Ok, enough of emotional speech or I ll need a new keyboard :giggle
I posted a thread in the forum HERE in case you want to read even more words by me :giggle
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