Day 11 - November Covid Stuff

Day 11 - November Covid Stuff
Karen, Jan 11, 2021
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11/1 - Pinecrest Tree Farms shared information for the changes they will implement to make visiting their tree farm safe. Masks will be required everywhere except in the fields. 11/2 - Lakeshore Roller World has permanently closed. An employee at the library tested positive so they are closed until 11/10. 3 sections of Michigan (including Berrien County) are at the highest risk level. The UK starts another month long lockdown. 11/3 - The 7 day average is now 7.5% up from 5.5% a week ago. Cases are up by 63% for the week. 11/4 - Keith told me that I can start working from home. 11/5 - 1 student at SJHS and 1 student at Lincoln tested positive. 11/6 - My first day working from home. Wyatt got contact traced and sent home from school around 1:30. He can’t go back until 11/16. James told Keith about Wyatt and he sent James home to work from home for a couple weeks. 2 people in the green barn and 1 person in our building at Leco tested positive. 11/7 - Gas is $1.88 per gallon. (6) students at SJHS test positive. We went to Kim and Dave’s for a drink in their backyard. Bing’s parents both have covid, his Mom is hospitalized. Marty and Luke Bingaman also have it. Tony and Melinda also tested positive. Chris Knapp caught it too. 11/8 - We had an early thanksgiving turkey meal, but ended up alone. Missy was in town to help Bobbie after her surgery, but since Wyatt was contact traced yesterday, they didn’t want to come over. We deep fried the turkey and ate at the dining room table as a family of four. It was actually quite lovely. SJHS sent an email saying that because the cases are rising, they are going to do a 3 day cycle of practice remote learning from November 11-13. This works well for Wyatt who had no way of learning the missed material while he’s home on quarantine. 11/9 - Church council meeting is done by Zoom again. Sean tested positive for covid. We received three emails today about people testing positive at Leco. 1 student at SJHS and 1 student at Upton tested positive. 11/10 - Liz and Kurt got tested for Covid after Sean’s hockey coaches tested positive. Liz tested positive, but Kurt’s came back negative. In December Kurt’s antibody test shows he had covid. This was after two (false) negative tests. 2 people at Leco tested positive. 11/11 - The boys start 3 days of remote learning. 2 people at Leco and 1 student at EP Clarke tested positive. 11/12 - My haircut with Lauri is canceled because another client exposed her to covid. Cody and Luke’s friend Matthew tested positive. 1 person at Leco, 3 students at SJHS, 1 student at Upton and 3 at the elementary schools tested positive. 11/13 - Covd cases continue to rise and there are more hospitalizations. The percent positive tests is 17.5%, a 7% increase from last week. Leco finally is cracking down on masks in our building. Andra tested positive. 11/15 - Berrien County’s “3rd wave” now an eight-fold increase since 10/2. Chicago’s Mayor issue and Stay-at-Home Advisory to start 11/16 at 6:00am. Whitmer announces that high schools are closed from November 18 – December 9th. (for 3 weeks). She also closed in-person college classes, dining in restaurants and requires working from home for those who can. Movie theaters, stadiums, bowling alleys and group fitness classes are also closed again. Indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people WITH masks. The boys were supposed to have a swim meeting on 11/16. It’s now canceled until after December 9th. Had Zoom meeting with WMU girls to catch up. 11/16 - 3 more people at Leco tested positive. 11/18 - US coronavirus deaths hits 250,000. The boys started three weeks of remote learning. We lost internet in the evening after James upgraded us to unlimited data with Comcast. He spent an hour on the phone to figure out the problem. 1 person at Leco, 2 at SJHS and 2 at EP Clarke tested positive. 11/19 - Heather & I were supposed to have a scrapbooking weekend that we had to cancel. We ended up using Discord to voice chat over the weekend while we scrapbooked at our own houses. Youth Group is canceled indefinitely. The CDC is calling for no Thanksgiving travel because the number of cases is skyrocketing. We had already decided to cancel our normal thanksgiving, so the Pesches aren’t coming. 2 SJHS students and 1 person at Leco tested positive. 11/20 - Berrien County percent of positive tests is 21.6%, a 4% increase from last week. There were 1,100 new cases. 11/21 - Piggin’ and Grinnin’ closes permanently due to covid. 11/23 - 1 person at Leco tested positive. 11/24 - 1 student at Upton, 1 student at Lincoln and 1 person at Pier 33 tested positive. 11/25 - I added nose wires to several masks that I purchased from JoAnns. Gas is $1.82 per gallon. 1 person at Leco tested positive. 11/26 - Since we couldn’t do our normal Thanksgiving gathering, we decided to make it special and cooked steak and lobsters for just the four of us. 11/27 - Gas is $1.77 per gallon! 11/29 - We bought James a desk from Facebook marketplace for $100. He didn’t tie it down and it flew out of his truck on the highway and was ruined. He was so disgusted that he gave up on working from home and went back to work full time on 11/30. 11/30 - Wyatt and I attended a Google Meet video chat for his tennis awards. 3 people at Leco, 3 students at SJHS, 1 student at Upton, 1 student at Lincoln, 1 staff member at Brown and 1 staff member at EP Clarke tested positive. There were more cases of Covid-19 in Berrien County in November alone than in every other month of the pandemic combined!!!
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    • KittyY
      ugh!!! makes me so sad - I'm proud of you for documenting tho - we gotta find our happy right?
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    • cfile
      Wow Karen.. great documenting just the month of November. so sorry about the loss of the desk.. I love the elements papers and photos you used to scrap your month. Crazy what this pandemic has done for everyone. Great scrapping! TFS!
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    • Karen
      @KittyY Thanks! I kind of hate when I have to see all of the things from one month all in one place, but I know I'm going to like having them to look back on MUCH later in life. This particular month was the worst one for our county, so it's a lot!
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    • Karen
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    • Eyeore
      Wow, that is some sum up of everything in your county. I wanna say "How are you doing?" This is so unprecedented, this weird season. So much good in people and so much suffering. Hugs to you - socially distanced and masked form the other side of the world.
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    • garrynkim
      So crazy what one little virus can do! What a tough month! Great layout though.
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    • Saar
      Oh I love your take on the challenge. Even though you scrapped about a horrible subject, I love how your layout turned out. I love that you have some photos to include to the story. And I love your page design.
      To be honest... I'm sick and tired of the stupid coronavirus. I am so ready for life to be normal again.
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    • Karen
      @Eyeore shockingly, we are doing well. I think I've become kind of numb to it all really. Thankfully, things are getting better slowly here. :agree
    • Karen
      @Saar I am sick and tired of it too! Also can't wait to get back to normal!
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