AnneofAlamo, Feb 5, 2011
the morning is not complete to you without a cup of tea
the teapot is filled, and then you get your big cup out, and favorite bag of earl gray tea. After steeping you add 4 sugars and a bit of milk, cream if we have it. Add a few pieces of toast and you are so happy. I enjoy watching how much joy you have with that morning cup of tea.
Rachel Young-Best Friends Alpha and elements
Kate Hadfields Teaparty
Jennifer Barrettes - Cuppy Cake
Amy Martins -Stiched love
sahlin studio- Grandma's Dresser
Jenna Desai - Lovely Bits
CD Muckosky- Circle WErx and Gram's Old Love Letter's papers from Hey Love
Kara Fredircks Splatterifics
I had a blast, thank you for a fun time! This is a page I had wanted to do for a while for my son's book!