Space Night- choose from different Options

Space Night- choose from different Options

Space Night- choose from different Options
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Space night my new collection for the Mini O has a dreamy feel but colors to make pages full of impact.  You can create soft dreamy layouts and layouts  that are going to be full of digital artistry , included is also  a brushtool to help you blend your designs and create dreamy backgrounds.
  1. All in One Bundle, all Packs of this Collection in one money saving Bundle
  2. Artsy Bits & Pieces No1, 30 png elements
  3. Artsy Bits & Pieces No2, 30 png elements
  4. Alpha, 1 Alpha Set, Uppercase, Some Signs, Numbers
  5. MagicLights, 22 different light overlays
  6. Loopilaloozas, 20 different doodled loops, 1 abr file with 20 brushes for PSE and PS
  7. Out of the Box Frames, 4 layered psd masks
  8. Word Arts, 26 Word Arts, 1 abr file with all Word Arts for all PSE and PS Versions
  9. Paper-Set: Galaxy Papers, 11 papers, 12x12“, jpg
  10. Paper-Pieces, 9 paper pieces png
  11. Paper-Set: Solids, 9 papers, 12x12“, jpg
  12. Painters-Toolbox: all 4 Painters Toolbox Packs in one mone saving Bundle
  13. Painters-Toolbox: Acylic Brushes, 48 acrylic brushes, black, png, 1 abr file with 48 brushes, for all PSE and PS Versions
  14. Painters-Toolbox: Brushtools, 1 abr file with dynamic brushes for all PSE and PS Versions, 1 .tpl file for PS 5.5 and higher
  15. Painters-Toolbox: Colors + Glitterstyles, 1 .asl file with 8 different glitter styles 1 .asl file with 6 different colors, 1 .asl file with 2 extra styles, 1 .aco file with color swatches, 7 glitter patter for all programs
  16. Painters-Toolbox:  Mixed-Media Styles, 1 .asl file with 16 different hand painted, seamless pattern for digital painting, works with all PSE and PS Versions

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