Relate It! Plastic Beads

Relate It! Plastic Beads

Relate It! Plastic Beads

Relate It! Plastic Beads | Kim Jensen

It's another "It!" pack! Loads of fun for scrapping a huge variety of pages – from family trees to reunions to hanging out with coworkers. What about a page about your neighbor's sister's roommate's cousin's great uncle's bff? Totally! LOL Whatever the relationship, this set has it covered! :)

Relate It! Plastic Beads was designed to mix and match with Date It!, Spell It!, and Christmas It! Plastic Beads, but it's a complete set all on its own too, with an amazing  604 beads and 18 attachment elements!

The following 274 words and characters are included, each on a white bead with black text and black bead with white text:

  • family(ies), folk(s), kin, reunion, gather(ing), get, together, bond(s), bonded, bound, ties, cherish(ed), love(d), one(s), beloved, relationship(s), relative(s), tree, time
  • generation(s), ancestor(s), descendant(s), junior, senior
  • parent(s), ma, pa, mama(s), papa(s), mom(s), pop(s), mum(s), dad(s), mommy(ies), daddy(ies), mother(s), father(s), mister
  • child(ren), offspring, boy(s), girl(s), son(s), daughter(s), sibling(s), brother(s), sister(s), bro(s), sis, twin(s), identical, fraternal, born, elder, eldest, older, oldest, younger, youngest, big, little, middle
  • married, marriage, ex, divorced, estranged, spouse(s), partner(s), husband(s), wife(ves), hubby, wifey, law(s), blended, half, step
  • grandparent(s), grand(s), great, grandmother(s), grandfather(s), grandma(s), grandpa(s), gram(s), gramps, gran(s), granny(ies), grandad(s), grandchild(ren), granddaughter(s), grandson(s)
  • aunt(s), uncle(s), niece(s), nephew(s), cousin(s), 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, first, second, third, fourth, once, twice, thrice, removed
  • adopted, adoptive, biological, birth, blood, foster, guardian(s), godparent(s), godmother(s), godfather(s)
  • dating, romance, boyfriend(s), girlfriend(s), lover(s), engaged, fiancé, fiancée
  • best, friend(s), bestie(s), bff(s), buddy(ies), pal(s), chum(s), bromance, soul, mate(s), companion(s), ally(ies), enemy(ies), frenemy(ies)
  • neighbor(s), coworker(s), colleague(s), classmate(s), roommate(s), roomie(s), acquaintance(s)
  • I, me, my, mine, you, your(s), we, our(s), he, she, him, her, his, hers, they, theirs
  • and, &, the, a, an, am, are, were, was, it, is, in, -, ', s
  • by, of, from, about, all, this, these, those, that, another, who(m)

Also included are 56 spacer beads:

  • 10 flat discs
  • 10 round balls
  • 10 pony beads
  • 13 icon beads, each in white and black: man, woman, child, heart, house, 2 leaves, tree, 2 smilies, star, plus sign, equal sign

The following items are included in 3 colors each for stringing your beads:

  • draped twisted double variegated satin cord
  • draped twisted grosgrain ribbon
  • knotted straight braided cord
  • straight string with bows
  • satin ribbon with loop knotted ends

Plus copper brad and staple (front and back) for anchoring your stringers.

622 pieces in all!

Designed to coordinate with the December 2014 BYOC. Mix and match with Date It! Plastic Beads, Spell It! Plastic Beads, and Christmas It! Plastic Beads for endless possibilities!  

Beads shown at 100% relative to a 12x12 canvas in preview. Some stringers have been reduced or cut for preview purposes.

Created with love at 300 ppi. No drop shadows.

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