My Punny Valentine

My Punny Valentine

My Punny Valentine
50 funny phrases to mix and match with your favorite elements or use one of the 20 bonus doodles.

phrases include: aloe you very much, bee mine, beep my valentine, don't go bacon my heart, hey gorgeous, i cereal-sly love you, i hiss you were here, i just plane like you, i lava you, i love you a latte, i love you cherry much, i love you like no otter, i love you s'more, i love you so moss, i only have eyes for you, i think of u periodically, i turtlely love you, i wheels like you, i'll owl-ways love you, i'm sew into you, i've fallen for you, let's avocuddle, looking sharp, meow & forever, no bunny compares, olive you, pie like you very much, so glad i picked you, so mushroom in my heart for you, we make a great pear, we should stick together, we're the perfect match, we've got good chemistry, will you be my valenlime, wood you be my valentine, wool you be my valentine, you are just my type, you are kind of a big dill, you are out of this world, you are soda-rightful, you have a pizza my heart, you melt me, you octopi my heart, you take the cake, you wish me off my feet, you're as sweet as pi, you're my everything bagel, you're my soy mate, you're one in a chameleon, and you're so deer to me.

doodles include: aloe, avocado, bacon, bee, butter, cherries, latte, lime, octopus, olive, peanut butter and jelly, pickle, potato, robot, sewing machine, snake, typewriter, volcano, wisk, and a world.

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