Create Crate  Monthly Subscription

Create Crate Monthly Subscription

by Kristin Aagard & Bella Gypsy & Becca Bonneville

Create Crate Monthly is packed full of everything that you need to scrapbook those big holidays and events throughout the year. From New Year's and Valentines' Day to Thanksgiving and Christmas, each month throughout the year will have a kit focused around a holiday.

Create Crate Monthly subscription includes:
*  Main kit each month, a $14.99 value
*  35% off the regular price of all CCM add-ons

There are several convenient payment options.
Recurring payment - billed $8.99 per month A two month commitment is required, but then you may cancel at any time.
2 months, billed monthly for $8.99
4 months, billed monthly for $8.99
6 months, billed monthly for $8.99
9 months, billed monthly for $8.99
12 months, billed monthly for $8.99

Lump sum payment
2 months for $17.98
***SPECIAL OFFER 4 months for $20.00 (save 45%)***
6 months for $45.85 (save 15%)
9 months for $67.16 (save 17%)
12 months for $86.30 (save 20%)