Academic - Digital Scrapbooking Kit
by Kristin Aagard Designs

Academic is a cute and whimsical digital scrapbook kit by Kristin Aagard. Academic includes all of the elements and papers you need to create cute school themed scrapbook pages and projects.


27 Textured Patterned Papers: 18 patterned and 9 solid (several additional color and pattern variations are included in the download)

173 Total Elements (total count includes style, shadow and color variations): apple whole and half, blackboard, bus, calculator, chalk, 3 chemistry vials, clock, composition pad, crayon (included in 4 colors), crayon border, crosswalk, pink eraser, scattered pencil erasers, glasses (with and without silly eyes), globe, glue, graduation cap, hopscotch, library card pocket, library due date card, locker (included in 5 colors), locker bank, magnifying glass, marker (included in 4 colors), owl (included in 2 colors), pen, highlighter, pencil, pencil shaving, pencil sharpener, protractor, report card, ruler, 3 school traffic signs (School Bus Stop Ahead, School Crossing, School Zone), stacked textbooks, bookworm (included in 2 colors), folded clasp (also includes pre-shadowed version), 2 metal binder clips, metal bull-nose clip, plastic paper clip (included in 4 colors), envelope, 3x5 note card (included with and without torn spiral edge), yellow notepad, spiral edged notepaper, paper clip (also includes pre-shadowed version), paper clip scatter, rubber band pile, wrapped rubber bands, stitched cardboard star border, layered paper stars (included in 7 colors), thumb tack (included in 3 colors, also includes pre-shadowed versions), masking tape, cardboard arrow, stitched bow (included in 3 colors), metal brad, threaded button (included in 6 colors), confetti scatter, layered silk flower with metal brad center (included in 4 colors), layered silk flower with threaded button center (included in 4 colors), paper flower with stapled center (included in 3 colors), paper flower with folded brad center (included in 3 colors), cardboard frame, notepaper frame with 3 windows (included with and without spiral torn edge), wooden frame, 2 graffiti paint smears, realistic leaves, silk leaf and silk leaf cluster, argyle ribbon (included in 2 colors), polka dotted ribbon (included in 3 colors), staple (also includes pre-shadowed version), 2 messy stitches (included in white and black, also includes pre-shadowed versions) coiled string (included in 3 colors), 4 washi tapes

Cork Alpha: full alpha, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers 0-9 and some symbols

Word Arrows: (each is included left and right facing, also includes blank in each color) Remember, This is it, Make a Note, Important, Don't Forget, Homework, Practice This

Chalkboard Strips: Blank, College, Elementary School, Grade School, High School, Homeschool, Junior High School, Middle School, Preschool, University

Labels: Blank, Date, Grade, My Teacher, Subject, Today, Year

File Folder Tabs: Blank (In each color), School, Academic, Knowledge, Thinker, Smart, Read, Bookish, Study

Page Titles: Alphabet border, A+, First Day, Last Day, Learn, Number Border, School, School Rules, Student, Study, Teacher, Teacher's Pet

Please enlarge preview for detailed images. This is a digital scrapbooking product; no physical product is provided. All files are created at 300 dpi. Papers are 12x12 jpg. Several elements may be included in multiple colors for your convenience. Alphas and elements are saved in individual files in png format. Please note that it is possible that example layouts may include elements/word art and/or use templates that are not included in this kit. Please refer to detailed item list above.

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