January 11: Tell Me a Story

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  1. Cinzia

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    Jan 2, 2019
    This was a challenging challenge... my original was what i did in 2020 but that was far too depressing so I opted for something that was more of a fond memories.

  2. bbachand

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    Apr 23, 2013
    This was the hardest for me but I'm so thankful to have the beginnings of our kitchen re-do documented. I look forward to adding the before and after photos in another accompanying layout. Thanks again! (755 words)
  3. MsCarolina

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    Dec 28, 2015
    Here is my layout:

    Word count: 559 words

    In mid-July, I emailed our school principal letting her know that you wouldn’t be returning to the school in the fall, then I submitted the notice of intent to the school district, and I enrolled you in FLVS Flex to allow you go on at your own pace and signed you up for 5th grade ELA, 5th grade science and 6th grade advanced math. You were about to complete the first semester of Chinese Level 1 for high school credit. I told the principal that it was a difficult decision as you had been at the school since you were in kindergarten and had been looking forward to the day you would become safety patrol and be able to partake in the activities for the fifth grader. I also said that we hope and pray that we could re-enroll you in January so you could “graduate” with your friends in the spring. She thanked me for sharing that with her and said that we were always welcome to re-enroll at the school and wished you the very best...and also said that all the 5th grade activities will look very different. You agreed with this decision as you prefer to be safe at home and didn’t like the idea of having to wear a mask all day at school.
    A few weeks later the schools in the district re-opened for school in-person. The students that chose to stay virtual would have to follow the bell clock at school, that is, remain connected online from 8am to 2pm. At that point, we felt so relieved with the decision we had made.
    We found the course materials to be very well organized. The ELA curriculum is very writing intensive, science is excellent with lots of hands-on experiments, math is good. We then added social studies and computer science. You joined the school's clubs (robotics, gardening, and the school news group).
    You have been taking FLVS classes at elementary, middle school and high school level. I feel you get a different level of attention. In elementary level, you have the same teacher for the core courses plus computer science elective. I feel there is more “hand holding” from the elementary teacher. The middle school and high school teachers are more hands-off.
    As the fall semester progressed, I found FLVS to be pretty good and thought why not complete the whole school year that way. Then, I would see how much you really missed seeing your friends and thought you should re-enroll at your old school in January. Luckily, your friend Rohin is also at FLVS so you get to chat and play computer games with him via Zoom during lunch every day. When December came, we decided that you will continue at FLVS for the remainder of the school year. The number of cases in our county were very high. It’s doubtful that brick and mortar elementary schools will have a moving on ceremony for the 5th graders this year. Since then, you have completed a couple of your year-long courses and have added PE and 7th-grade advanced math to your course load. When we are asked where you will be going to school next school year, we say we don’t know. Everything will depend on how the COVID cases are, how the distribution of the vaccine goes over the next few months.
  4. bestcee

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    Dec 18, 2013
    Thank you to everyone that participated in my MOC journaling challenge. I read each and every one of the stories you shared. The happy moments in life, the sad moments; mourning and celebrations, exciting and every day; and everything in between. I loved sharing in a moment in your life through this challenge! Thank you for sharing that piece of yourself.

    I know 500 words seemed daunting to some, but you all did it! Way to go!!
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    Dec 28, 2009
    I know MOC is over... just still playing along :-)

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