January 1 - Blind Scrap Challenge

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  1. jaye

    jaye My other car is a Zamboni!

    May 6, 2012
    1 photo, centered on the page
    2 distinct frames-white frame around photo | brown paper frame-My Life Unscripted 2-Rachel Jefferies
    3 ribbon or bows-black bow-MLU2, blue ribbon, tape measure ribbon-MLU1-Rachel Jefferies
    4 papers-paper 4-MLU1, collaged art paper 2-MLU1, collaged art paper 3-MLU1, collaged art paper 4-MLU1-Rachel Jefferies
    5 flowers-flowers 1, 2, 3 MLU1 | flowers 01, 02 MLU1 addon-Rachel Jefferies
    6 leaves and/or branches-foliage 02, foliage 01-MLU1, foliage-MLU1 addon, foliage 03-MLU2, foliage 02-MLU2-Rachel Jefferies
    7 lines of journaling-font Cupcakie
    8 additional elements of your choice-artsy bits 06-mlu2, transfers 06-mlu1, paint 02-mlu2, messy stamp 2-mlu2, string-mlu2, punchinella-mlu1 addon, word bit 06-mlu2, flower 02-mlu1-Rachel Jefferies
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  2. Ruthe14

    Ruthe14 Branch Manager of my family

    Oct 26, 2014

    Jan 1 – Blind Scrap
    1 picture
    2 frames - green-Bella Gypsy-A Lot Like Christmas; brown – Bella Gypsy Little Full, Lotta Sap
    3 ribbons or bows – Believing is Seeing and Happiest Season of All - Bella Gypsy
    4 papers including background: All Bella Gypsy – Happiest Season of All
    5 flowers – Believing is Seeing – Bella Gypsy
    6 leaves or branches – 3 branches -Believing is Seeing is Bella Gypsy; 2 leaves and 1 Berry Branch from Little Full, Lotta Sap by Bella Gypsy
    7 lines of journaling
    8 add’l elements: staple, santa & bag, 3 candies, 3 snow flakes – Bella Gypsy Believing is Seeing
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  3. dkane

    dkane Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2017
    1.Photo centered
    2.Frame on top and frame on bottom of photo
    3.Ribbons and bows stacked on top of each other
    4.Navy background-White -Yellow Paper-Anchor Paper
    5.Flowers-2 red-2blue-1yellow
    6. Leaves (same)
    7. Lines of text
    8. 1.Star - 2.Flag - 3.Clock - 4.Additonal frame - 5.paper (white with blue dots) - 6.Wave (blue with white dots) - 7.torn edges on wave - 8.paint.
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  4. Bellisae

    Bellisae Run kids, it's the paparazzi!

    Jan 2, 2015
    Thanks for this fun challenge Julie!
    Here is mine
    1 photo,
    2 frames (Kristin Aagard + Kim Jensen)
    3 ribbons (Bella Gipsy)
    4 papers (Allison Pennington, Little Butterfly Wings & Rebecca McMeen).
    5 stamp flowers (Rebecca McMeen)
    6 stamp leaves (Lynn Grieveson)
    7 journaling lines including a title (Paisley Press)
    8 additional elements: 1 graffiti (Tangie Baxter), 1 paint (Rachel Jefferies), 1 collage (Rebecca McMeen), 1 paint + 1 glitter (Valorie Wibbens), 1 title (Paisley Press), 1 bow + 1 stamp scatter (Sarah Gleason), 1 flair (Little Butterfly Wings).
  5. Joan K

    Joan K Maybe I'll just grow down

    Dec 27, 2015

    1 photo, centered on the page
    2 distinct frames
    3 ribbon or bows
    4 papers, all layered under your photo
    5 flowers
    6 leaves and/or branches
    7 lines of journaling
    8 additional elements:
    1. “Good Eats” word art (Blended)
    2. paint
    3. pretzel flair
    4. Pretzel element
    5.Journal card (under journaling)
    6. Orange Button - on top of b/w checked bow
    7. Stitching - over journal card
    8. washi tape
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  6. Joan K

    Joan K Maybe I'll just grow down

    Dec 27, 2015
    Just looking at my layout, I see that I have more than 7 lines of journaling. I could go back and make the font smaller to fit it on 7 lines. Is this necessary to meet the requirements of the challenge?
    Taking yet another look at the thread discussion, I think I will say this fits the requirements! I have 6 sentences plus the date line for a total of 7. :)
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  7. Janisn

    Janisn Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2017
    My 8 extra elements: bird, tag, word art, drawing, brass button, heart, staples, paw prints
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  8. AnotherAmanda

    AnotherAmanda Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2015
    1 photo
    2 distinct frames - Square Frame (Childhood by Sabrina's Creations & Designed by Soco), Rectangle Frame (Beautiful Changes by Mommyish)
    3 ribbon or bows Green Bow and Yellow Stripped Ribbon (Childhood by Sabrina's Creations & Designed by Soco) Pink Stapled Ribbon (Beautiful Changes by Mommyish)
    4 papers All three top pattern pieces (Beautiful Changes by Mommyish), Background paper (Childhood by Sabrina's Creations & Designed by Soco)
    5 flowers All flowers (Beautiful Changes by Mommyish)
    6 leaves and/or branches Two branches (Copies) and 4 leaves (copies) (Turning Leaves by One Little Bird)
    7 lines of journaling See above
    8 additional elements of your choice Vellum speech bubble, PlayTime word art arrow, be ...word art, stitches, remember this word art (Beautiful Changes by Mommyish) Paint/stamp and torn paper piece (Turning Leaves by One Little Bird)

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  9. zinzilah

    zinzilah One step at a time

    Sep 30, 2011
    Found it both challenging and fun:
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  10. elwaechter

    elwaechter Dances with Fairies

    Jan 1, 2017
    Off to a great start!
    · 1photo – mine
    · 2frames – Kristin Aagard Evening Glow, Sabrina Dupre Just Be
    · 3ribbons – Kristin Aagard Book Lover
    · 4papers – Allison Pennington All About You, Mommyish All About You, All About Me (2)
    · 5flowers – Sabrina’s Creations Bloom and Grow, Bella Gypsy Flawesome
    · 6leaves – Kristin Aagard Artsy, Bella Gypsy Coffee Break
    · 7lines journaling
    · 8elements – Allison Pennington Doggo (5 pawprints), Pink Reptile Designs Owl My Love (3 hearts)
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  11. PaperWings

    PaperWings Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2018

    1 photo centered on the page.

    2 distinct frames
    Snapshots Collab (white frame)
    We are storytellers by Amy Wolff (brown frame)

    3 ribbon or bows
    Urban Fusion by Amy Wolff (red bow)
    Of Wishes, Hopes and Dreams Collab (curly paper ribbon)
    Tuesday Morning by One Little Bird (pink ribbon)

    4 papers, all layered under your photo
    We are storytellers by Amy Wolff (background and red strip)
    Currently Collab (blue strip)
    Embrace Life by Sabrina's Creations (pink & white striped mate)

    5 flowers
    Currently Collab (blue flower)
    Sweet Storytelling by Sahlin Studio (red and pink rolled flower)
    Embrace Life by Sabrina's Creations (pink flower)
    We are storytellers by Amy Wolff (white flower, tucked under the photo)

    6 leaves and/or branches
    We are story Tellers by Stolen Memories
    Sweet Storytelling by Sahlin Studio
    Tuesday Morning by One Little Bird
    Embrace Life by Sabrina's Creations
    It's About Time Yesterday by Sara Gleason
    Capturing Fall a Lilypad Collab

    7 lines of journaling

    8 additional elements of your choice
    Embrace Life by Sabrina's Creations (staple, string, pink button)
    Urban Fusion by Amy Wolff (time label)
    We are storytellers by Amy Wolff (ephemera)
    Sweet Storytelling by Sahlin Studio (confetti)
    Capturing Fall a Lilypad Collab (stitches)

    Capturing Fall a Lilypad Collab (template)
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  12. chigirl

    chigirl Candy Corn junkie

    Jun 20, 2010

    1 centered photo
    2 frames green stripe multi color stripe
    3 ribbown red bow blue bow curly ribbon
    4 papers lt grey background plaid tab flowers blue dots
    5 flowers red yellow 3 different blues
    6 leaves 4 ferns 2 pine
    7 title date 5 lines of journaling
    8 extras presents paper pink ornament blue ornament word strip merry word strip magic star scatter red brad blue brad
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  13. mom2jackaia

    mom2jackaia I wish more people were fluent in silence

    Jun 29, 2012

    1 photo, centered
    2 distinct frames (layered behind the picture, one has striped bottom, one has dotted top)
    3 ribbons or bows (1 curly ribbon, one straight, and one bow)
    4 papers (the background and then three others snipped into rectangles and layered behind photo)
    5 flowers
    6 leaves (all golden yellow)
    7 lines of journalling
    8 additional elements (word strip, 5 stars, fly button, dream button)
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  14. cookingmylife

    cookingmylife Pizza would be my last meal, except ...

    Aug 1, 2012

    TWO frames -paislee-galleryframes5-frame2.(2 times)
    THREE ribbons -onelittlebird-luna-ribbon-(2 times)
    FOUR papers - awolff_otterpops_solid4
    paislee-goeswitheverything-pp1 and 3
    FIVE flowers - awolff_OWHD_flower1 (5 times)
    SIX leaves/branches (leaves included on branches)
    rebecca_BerkelyNoel_BranchSwirl3 (twice)
    rebecca_BerkelyNoel_Holly (twice)
    SEVEN lines of journaling - 1 title, 1 date, 4 lines
    EIGHT extras
    APennington_Welcome_BH Glitterbet_-_2, 3
    mommyish - Style July 2017BYOC Glitter Jelly
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  15. mrs2a50

    mrs2a50 Pretty much the best.ever.

    Apr 12, 2007
    Since it is technically product, if you want to count the style as an element, I will take it. But it needs to be specified in your element list
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  16. sharonb

    sharonb Cher Memere

    Jun 18, 2016

    1 photo centered
    2 distrinct frames (the stamp and the poloroid next to it
    3 ribbons- one on the frames, one under the flowers and the heart ribbon on the top of the stamp frame
    4 papers (note the the word art (part of which is framed) is on the background paper and there are 3 other layered papers
    5 flowers
    6 branches/leaves (mixture of 2 realisitic, 2 painted and 2 dried)
    7 lines of journaling. I did not count 2019 or 2020 as their own lines of journaling. (didn't think that was right)
    8 extra elements are- washi tape, 2019 and 2020 date, what a year word string, stitch on paper, months stamp on right side of page, other stamp with date on left side of page and charm
    All papers, 2 frames, ribbons, a flower and 2 branch/leaves are from a New Me
    My title is the word art (part of which is framed) is on the background paper and not counted as journaling.

    kits used and links in the gallery.
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  17. Tree City

    Tree City Get a stepladder, I'm busy

    Sep 28, 2011
    1 photo
    2 frames (circle, gilt)
    3 ribbons and/or bows: pink/white stripe bow, brown ribbon, pink ribbon
    4 papers below photo (wood BG; plaid; small hearts; and feather)
    5 flowers: blue, peach, mustard, white paper, poinsettia
    6 leaves and/or branches: one leaf below mustard flower, evergreen branch below-right of frame, evergreen below top-left of frame by ribbons, one below poinsettia, frosted leaf branch below peach and blue flowers above ribbons, brown paper below white paper flower, sticking out below blue flower, larger green just above brown ribbon/below frosted branch
    7 lines of journaling:
    1. "love" title
    2. date (written on joural card in the frame)
    3 - 7. journaling
    8 additional elements:
    1. "Favorite [photo] of the day" journal card
    2. wood heart
    3. vellum house
    4. doily
    5. snuggle season WA circle
    6. metal heart charm
    7. lacy border
    8. peach pearl
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  18. meterr

    meterr I've got ICE in my veins!

    Apr 29, 2010

    1 photo, centered on the page SON WITH NUTCRACKER PHOTO
    3 ribbon or bows 2 RIBBONS TIED IN BOWS, 1 BIG BLUE BOW
    4 papers, all layered under your photo RED, NUTCRACKER, PLAID AND STRIPE
    6 leaves and/or branches SIX ADDED AT CORNERS, 1 IN MIDDLE
    7 lines of journaling 7 LINES ADDED AT BOTTOM
    8 additional elements of your choice NUTCRACKERS, TOPS AND BOTTOMS OF 8 DIFFERENT NUTCRACKERS

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  19. elseepe

    elseepe I'll follow the sun

    Jan 1, 2013
    I am so rusty, and this took me soooooo much longer than it should have, but here we are


    Complete credits in gallery

    1 selfie snapped this morning
    2 frames (RJeffries M3Oct19Add-on, Thrive collaboration)
    3 ribbons/bows (SC Limited Edition ribbon, Basic/LBW LifeisHardWord ribbon, SahlinStudio essentials stapled ribbon)
    4 papers (RJeffries IdoMyownthing, mylifeunscripted)
    5 flowers (PRD Make it Happen brown x3, newsprint x2)
    6 leaves (AllAboutMe collaborations (solo brown leaves), RJeffries My Life Unscripted & high cool)
    7 lines of journaling
    8 (2 paint spatters, 1 brad, 1 heart, 1 bead scatter, 1 tape, 1 2020 die cut, 1 messy thread)
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  20. 3BluEyedBabies

    3BluEyedBabies Falling for pumpkin ...

    Jan 1, 2016

    My credits {also listed in gallery}
    1 photo, centered on the page - by me!
    2 distinct frames - one from Trim the Tree & one from I Want Candy
    3 ribbon or bows - red bow from Noel, Curled ribbons from Trim the Tree, red striped bow from Trim the Tree
    4 papers, all layered under your photo -green, red & green stripes, white with trees, & white with lights from Trim the Tree

    5 flowers - red poinsettia from Trim the Tree, Red Felt flower from Noel, Green Felt flower from Trim the Tree, Red Burlap flower from Noel, Green polka dot flower from Noel.
    6 leaves and/or branches - 2 holly leaves from Trim the Tree, 2 Holly branches from Noel, 2 evergreen branches from Noel
    7 lines of journaling -title, 5 lines of journaling, date
    8 additional elements of your choice -decorated tree, a box of ornaments, ornament, word tag "trimming the tree", stitches, green tree flair, tape, pennant with stitches all from Trim the Tree by Kristin Aagard

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