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  1. berniek
    So now it shows I can't download CC for the teacher price because my school doesn't own a license for CC.
    Then I tried to download and install the try-out version and it's erroring.
    I tried to open up my old CS5 an it is now errored too.
    What did I do to this universe that I'm being punished like this?!?!
    Jul 18, 2016
  2. berniek
    Aaaand I restarted my laptop and everything is back to normal? I don't understand this. Weird stuff. In the meantime I took me a couple of pointless hours...
    Jul 18, 2016
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  3. bestcee
    Glad it's back to normal! I hate when I waste time like that.
    Jul 18, 2016
  4. norton94
    Glad it's up and running again... ah technology
    Jul 19, 2016