What I see

What I see
Jeanet, Feb 4, 2014

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"Bonderup, 1986: This is what I see. Moms homemade clothes. Those hopeless haircuts with that one long lock of hair in the back that we all had to have in those days. I see friendship and joy in a time before the grownup world got to us. I see hour after hour spend in the company of Tom, Gerda, Daggi and Maiken. Bruises and bloody knees. A game that was clearly inspired by the hunters that every weekend came out to our forrest, spending time in their hut. The hut we regularly sneaked into when they on occassion forgot to lock it up. The earthy smell of a treehut sitting in the shadow of the wet forrest still lingers on when I think back. I see icecream and soda on the porch. Gamenights and country/western parties for the adults. Barbeques and sleepovers in tents. I see caves and the neighbor's dog that kept chasing me. School notebooks filled with drawings and reading time with mom. I see a time that can\'t be won back. A time I sometime miss.

Materials: Social Butterfly by Allison Pennington
    • Karen
      I love this!  I love your journaling and thank you so much for translating!  I love that photo and that you journaled about what that photo made you see and remember!  Great page!
    • Joamosatcharterdotnet
      I love your photo...and your journaling really paints a vivid picture...wonderful page...
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