Claire Grantham


Claire Grantham, Jan 31, 2021
I actually made this much earlier this month, but got distracted by MOC!

It really didn't take me very long and I loved the 'limitations' and it totally looks like something from my physical art journal.

No more than three core colours. Blacks and Whites and Neutrals are allowed in addition.
I went with blue, grey and a pop of gold. Added some black in for interest.

No more than 10-15 elements! This includes your journaling and date stamp and photo if you are using one!
I used 11 elements in total and a small 2 kit mix!
Eucalyptus kit - Word, x3 paint, x1 flower, x1 stitches, x1 border
Wings Unfolded MMA / Paperie - Background paper, lady and x 2 heart brushes
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