Photograpy Challenge-April-Adapting To Change Can Sometimes Be Difficult

Photograpy Challenge-April-Adapting To Change Can Sometimes Be Difficult
RJMJ, Apr 10, 2020
Hey There Everyone...It Seems Like All We Talk About These Days Is How Much Our Lives Have All Changed...So This Challenge Is Right On The Money For Perfect Timing...Yes! A Lot Has Changed To Be Sure...But That's Not What Bothers Me...I Can Deal With Change...It's The Lack Of Responsibility That A Lot Of People...Here In Our Community Place On "Social Distancing"...It Infuriates Me!!!...I Don't Understand How People Can Be So Selfish & Irresponsible...I Know These People Are Watching The News Just Like Everybody Else Is...But For Some Crazy Reason These People Seem Oblivious To The Fact That There Is A Pandemic Of Covid-19 Here & Around The World?????...And Seem To Go About Their Lives Just Like Nothing Has Changed...Or They Are Aware But Just Choose To Believe They Won't Get Sick Or Worse They Don't Care If They Infect Others???...Really???????...I'm Somewhat Scared To Go Out & Run Into These "Covidiots"...This Scares Me!...I Have Been Hanging Close To Home For Now Just To Be Safe...But My Boyfriend Has To Go Out & Get The Things That We Need To Survive!!!...I Worry For Him Every Time He Goes Out...He Has Had Some Almost "Close" Encounters At The Grocery Store With People That Have Tried To Get Too Close To Him & He Has Had To Stop On A Dime...Pull Back Or Lunge Out Of The Way...Or Yell At Them To "Stay Back"...And Although He Is Super Careful...These Episodes Persist!!!...I Worry About Him So Much Every Time He Goes Out Because Of This!!!...

So This Layout Is Clearly About "Social Distancing" & How Our Lives Are Forever Changed By This...And My Photo Of This Rather Timely Quote On This Girl's T-Shirt...Pretty Much Says It All!!!...But I Never Like To End Anything On A Negative Note...So The Page Ultimately Also Encourages Hope & Positivity & That This Is Only A Temporary Thing...& With Faith,Hope,Love,Positivity & Perseverance...We Will All Get Through This Together...Despite The "Covidiots" That Remain At Large...

*For My Adapting To Change Can Sometimes Be Difficult Layout-I Used:

*Primrose Tufts-Rebecca McMeen
*Let It Go-Bundle-Rachel Jefferies
*Storyteller-April 2020-Just Jaimee
*Art Crush No.26-NBK Design
*Human Kind-Bella Gypsy
*Now Is The Time-Lynn Grieveson
*Covid-19-Add-On-Digital Scrapbook Ingredients(1)
*Everything Will Be O.K.-Valentina's Creations(1)
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    • IntenseMagic
      This is such a perfectly done page!! I had to run to the store today and as I was trying to go down the aisles in the right direction, people just kept walking past me...no patience at all. It is so frustrating at times. Your pages remind me to stay positive and that this too shall pass :)
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    • nun69
      love everything about this :)
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    • RJMJ
      @nun69 Hello! There New Lilypad Friend!..OMG!...What A Wonderful Surprise!...I Really Do Appreciate This!...:cloud9...I Don't Think Any Of Us Will Forget How All Of Our Lives Have Been Effected & Forever Changed By Covid-19 & Social Distancing!!!...Perhaps Someday Soon...Things Will Get Back To Another Version Of "The New Normal"...:beat..We Can Only Hope For The Best Moving Forward!...:grouphug...Take Care & Stay Safe!...
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