MrsPeel, Oct 6, 2021
I have told this story many many times, but, as we have so many new members here at The Pad's Family, here it is:
For me, Halloween growing up was something it only occurred in films or TV, we didn't do trick or treating, didn't even know it existed until I was maybe when Sarita was about 5 years old and came back from Brazil, we started doing the whole thing and it was wonderful!!! then the summer 2008 our friend Lu was in London and took us to see Wicked, which was in the 3rd year running here in the West End (think London/England's BRoadway/New York) and the pricing didn't go down enough, not even with the disability discount before... it had an impact that would bring us back to the theatre many times in the following years, and prompted that year me taking the time and patience to become Elphaba & Sarita did a m modern version of Glinda....sooooo much FUN!!!!!
I was probably unwell when Valeria released this first time, so I went with lots of excitement to scrap it!!! is so sooo amazing, I had to do something that would allow me many photos and at least half of the Journal Cards pack!!!! the word art is also amazing!!!

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