Modern Hippie

Modern Hippie
dotcomkari, Jan 26, 2014

About Me: Day 22 of MOC

I have always been a bit of a modern hippie. Ever since I was a little child I was drawn to color. I love to wear things that flow and make no sense to the “normal” people. My outfits are often colorful and bright and worn for my liking and no one else. was one to wear neon orange before it was popular. In the summer I am often sporting bare feet or sandals. In my alone time, I prefer to be au natural, or in other words nude as a jay bird. I hate bras and find them too restricting. You will never ever see me in underwire! and if I am home they are often flopping free! Over 80% of my closet was purchased at thrift stores or garage sales or is second hand, hand-me-downs. I have always had my hair pretty long and prefer braids. In the summer I am rarely found in shorts and prefer long summer dresses or skirts. I cloth diapered all three of my children, along with co-sleeping and mostly solely breastfeeding. I took pride in baby wearing and owned too many mei tai’s , wraps and slings to count! Also, I made all my own baby food using fruits and veggies I purchased at a farmers market or grew in my own garden. I love to grow a garden and eat as organic as possible. Until I had surgery to remove my uterus due to a tumor, I worn cloth pads.. I hate shaving my legs and only do so because society deems it necessary.. I am never found without a note pad, as I find poetic inspiration in my surroundings. I love to write and have a natural way with words. I find nature a gift and love to spend time hiking or camping with loved ones. I have been known to hug trees. I prefer to walk if i can. Some of my favorite musical artists include the Beatles, The Grateful Dead and Creed. I am a free thinker and have raised my children to speak their minds. I believe in equality for all, with no judgment of others on race, sex, disability or relationship status. Overall, I am a hippie placed in the 20th century, just making a everyone’s lives a little brighter with my presence .

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