jjpederson125, Feb 2, 2021
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Journaling Says: (166 Words)
Is it just me or does life feel crazy busy? I keep thinking, what is going on..the speed with which our schedules are is not even close to the schedule we were keeping pre-covid, but some days it still feels like a bit much. The days are spent making sure everyone knows where they need to go after school, who has a game, who needs snacks packs, which events needs tickets purchased in advanced and so on. I highlight, write, scribble, erase, start a new post-it note and make a new list of what’s needed for the week and somehow, I’m still not sure what’s for supper. I’ve decided that as long as my only problem is not knowing what’s for supper, I’m doing well. The kids are at their practices and or confirmation, the have the snacks they need and I’m getting my day job done so all will be fine. We keep plugging away and gaining momentum to the speed of our lives again!
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