MOC7-11 What's Inside

MOC7-11 What's Inside
crazsquaw, Jan 11, 2019 at 11:45 PM
These are always so fun to do!!

Rachel Jefferies- Moc7 What's On The Inside? silhouettes provided for the challenge (THANKS!)
I'm quite full of it...LOL Here goes! (all TLP)
Just Jaimee- Storyteller (Aug2017, Sept2017, Nov2017, Dec2017, Welcome- Bad Day Stamps); The Scary Stuff (free mini)
TLP M3- Aug2017, Sept2017, Dec2017
TLP Create Crate- Sept2017, Nov2017, Dec2017
TLP Enamel Pin Exchange- June 2017
Font (for the word FULL)- A Song for Jennifer