Moc 9- January 11 - Tell Me A Story

Moc 9- January 11 - Tell Me A Story
Annsofie, Jan 15, 2021
Words: 657 in Swedish and 731 in English

Credits: Mixed Media Monthly - July 2020 This is me (for now) by Rachel Jefferies, Little Butterfly Wings, Lynn Grieveson and Paula Kesselring.
Part of The Design Store Templates No.2 by Lynn Grieveson

Robert and I first met at our mutual friend Helena in Sibbhult in May 1993. Helena was celebrating her 20th birthday with a big party and there were a lot of mixed friends invited. Helena had met her boyfriend Magnus through mutual acquaintances from Halmstad and Robert was Magnus' friend. Helena and I had spent our first years in high school together and had become good friends. I was a bit split to go to the party because it would mainly be Helena's childhood friends there and I basically did not know anyone. Introverted and shy as I was, it was a huge step for me to go to such a party and also I would drive, so I did not even have the opportunity to lighten the mood with a little alcohol.

When I came to the party I was introduced to Magnus and Robert and I thought that Robert was pretty cute with his red hair and happy eyes. Robert would not drink anything either because he had promised his friends from Halmstad to drive them home in the evening. When we were going to eat, the two of us ended up next to each other and during the dinner Helena walked around and took pictures of all the party participants. She asked us to move closer to each other so that she could join us in the same photo and then Robert said the winged words "But we don’t know each other" and no, we really didn’t. I left the party quite early and when I was about to leave, Robert and all the girls from Halmstad rumbled out of the barn and I was so jealous of them.

A few weeks later, Helena asked me if I wanted to go up to Gothenburg for a few days at the beginning of the summer holidays and since I had nothing else planned, I accepted. It was me, Helena and her brother who got on the train and we were picked up at the station by Magnus and Robert in Magnus Austin Mini. We hung out with Magnus all evening and when it was time for Robert to go home, Helena asked if it was ok for me to sleep at his place in his sofa bed so that it would not be so cramped in Magnus' apartment, which Robert said was ok. Robert had broken his leg a week or so earlier, so Magnus drove us down to Kungsladugård, where Robert lived. I thought it was a bit embarrassing and I think Robert also thought so, but we had pretty much the same taste in music and probably a lot to talk about anyway.

The next day we went sightseeing in Gothenburg and since Robert was on sick leave, he hung out with him as well. Among other things, we managed to squeeze in a Paddan tour and the Maritime Museum between the shopping. The second night I asked Robert if he wanted to sleep alone in his bed and got the answer that I was welcome to sleep there with him. Today I do not understand how I dared! Both to go up to Gothenburg and then to live completely alone with a completely stranger guy and also share a bed with him… Well, maybe nothing I recommend my own daughters to do!

The day before we were to go home, we went to Liseberg and I was so in love and walked on small pink clouds. I thought it was the coolest thing I've been through and really did not want to go home to boring Kristianstad again. I mean, a five year older guy who lived in his own apartment in Gothenburg who actually fancied me! Unfortunately, the day for leaving came and Robert waved us off at the station and promised that we would keep in touch by phone and letter. You have to keep in mind that it was the time before the mobile phones and computers. Significantly more difficult to have a long distance relationship at that time, but we managed to keep the love alive and here we are now, almost 28 years and two children later and will soon enter a new phase in our lives. I can only say that I could not have chosen a better man to make this trip with than with you Robert! Love you!
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    • jenn mccabe
      amazing journaling! i love the then and now idea for this! and i love the lettering over the journaling a beautiful touch! truly a love story!
    • Annsofie
      Thank you @jenn mccabe! I’m so happy that we actually has a photo of the first time we met!
    • bestcee
      I love that you have the first photo when you were strangers! I would dare say your friend was trying to set you up! Thanks for playing in my challenge!
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