MOC 7 - Jan 30 - Travel Journaling

MOC 7 - Jan 30 - Travel Journaling
Jems, Feb 1, 2019
Using Becca Bonneville - Lets get lost and Project mouse wanderer.

I know every trip to Disney World is magical. But this trip for Noah’s 6th birthday really was. We had a crazy run up to the trip and we were so tired but, getting to the hotel really energized us and got us ready for all things Disney. I love seeing Noah’s face light up when he gets a pretzel. I love when he acts all shy around the characters and too cool to be excited by them, but once its his turn he gets into it. He turned six on this trip and I don’t know how much longer we will have this magic. He is growing up so much. This trip was special because it was his birthday and his birthday badge made sure he got free cupcakes and cards from the characters and a happy birthday from almost all the cast members we met. He deserves to shine, he deserves to be the center of attention and he was. I can’t believe how hectic it was and how much we rammed in, but it was just so much magical fun.