MOC 3 5 Words Katell

MOC 3 5 Words Katell
katell, Jan 3, 2021
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Bird/The open road tag/car Notes from the Road Elif Sahin
The house tag/Introvert tag from Homebody Elif Sahin
Tag Mom/heart washi tape Generations Elif sahin
the & from OLB Better together

At this point in my life is what defines me the most and for over 19 years, my daughters have been my "priority". Don't see any obligation or imperative, it is done naturally, if they feel bad, so do I .... I also have several passions which are essential to my mental balance and which define me: reading, traveling (not necessarily far but to see the country) and walking alone in nature. I also need (and more and more I think) time alone to "recharge my batteries" which doesn't prevent me from talking a lot with my husband, my daughters, my colleagues and friends.
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