GlazeFamily3, Apr 13, 2018
Products used:
Tackling Nature by Kate Hadfield
Red, White, 'n Blue by Kate Hadfield
Also Edgy by Kate Hadfield
Football Crazy by Kate Hadfield
Comic Alpha by Kate Hadfield
Weather Woods Paper Pack by Etc. by Danyale
{Day}Dream by Sabrina's Creations
Bitty Brads by Mommyish

Growing up, my mom had a pet tarantula named Hairy-It.

Her name was pronounced like the female name Harriet.

I was petrified of spiders, especially anything as big and as hairy as Hairy-It. One day, though, I decided that I would try holding her. I’m not sure why I thought this would be a good idea because it most certainly was not. I could feel her hairy little body moving in my hands and I was instantly done.

The worst part was when Hairy-It molted. During this time, it would appear that there were two taranatulas sitting there beside each other. One pet tarantula was one too many for me.