HeatherB, Oct 23, 2020
Such a Mess {Dressed Down} templates by Fidde-Dee-Dee
Cliff Notes Trick or Treat Edition by Allison Pennington
Sprinkles V18 by Valorie Wibbens
Fright Alpha by Sahin Designs
CU Halloween Bits 1 by Mommyish
In the Pines Elements and Papers by Paula Kesselring
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    • carrie1977
      Giiiirl...same. The rest of my family love horror movies. Me, no thanks. Not for me.

      This layout is absolute glorious though. Love the drippy paint and all that foliage. Just gorgeous!
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    • Electra
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    • MrsPeel
      @carrie1977 here, me too...the one thing I know is that I changed radically when I git pregnant. As a matter of fact, I read The Shinning probably late teens or early twenties, I didn't go to work 3 days because I couldn't put the book down, I LOVED Lovecraft, and Dorian Gray was my most favorite story for years.... when I learned proper English, was through going to the public library, and I would get biog print (I am a visual memory person) and I read countless horror books, and even enjoyed still some movies....in my first month of pregnancy I started reading zone mystery, which was developing into some horror...involving children..... I dropped it. Then there was some dragon fantasy in another book, that developed into some horror, again, dropped. Then I was working as a health advocate and interpreter for The area, which included University College of London Hospitals, and Great Ormmond Street which is the Children's Hospital.... I took an appointment for there... it was a very small child, under 1, with cancer. I got out of that assignment in tears and devastated... so I called them and begged to be kept out of the Children's hospital, and also decided horror wasn't for my anymore.....so, foes into 26 years in which I have made very rare viewings of horror.... and I also find no pleasure on seeing dystopian movies, or even my beloved Star Trek, which nowadays they are destroying Rodenberry's vision of something hopeful and beautiful, a world with peace and helpful science missions, into war and malice.... especially as I am terrified that sci-fi written 50 or more years ago is becoming a reality.... give me "ET phone home" or Close Encounters" any day.... no horror or dystopian stuff....having said that, I love cop shows and all kind of crime...I often wonder what is this obsession the human race has with murder and sleuthing stuff LOL

      anyway, I was coming to admire Heather 's page and got totally side track, but, as this is something I have in my mind quiet a lot lately, I think my heart just needed to stop and talk :)
      LOVE love LOVE this, Heather!!! I know you have some spectacular pages with your boys I need to stop at, but I saw this and is so marvelously composed, so beautifully depicted!!! the way you transformed an un-likeable feeling into a piece with beauty and a journaling that makes you connect with (quiet a lot I think) us.... brilliant.
      As I already got side tracked (from trying to decide on POP for this week LOL) I think I will do a little detour and take this
      into the October Froggy Faves!!!! [​IMG]
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    • HeatherB
      @MrsPeel Thank you for the FF, Cynthia!! I also agree with you on the latest Star Trek, the whole tone of the show has changed with this latest installment. However, I do read, watch and enjoy dystopian futures like Hunger Games, Insurgent, etc. But those are teen fiction, so maybe not as bleak and bloody as adult fiction would be.
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    • MrsPeel
      ohhh yes, I completely agree with you!!!! I do read and watch that kind of movies or series....I never liked the gore ones, never, not even before pregnancy, some of the things like Hunger Games or Divergent series I like, only it becomes a bit of a stretch when they try milk it.... I get tired of too long series, even when is movies...
      I am still watching Star Trek, only I long for the time of The Next Generation, Voyager.... even Depp Space 9 which was the one I really didn't get much into it, had some humor and a less antagonist... and I loved watching the new series, Picard...but again, I find that they made it darker, problematic..... anyway, maybe is me getting terribly old and thinking that all past times were better? LOL definitely getting old
      LOVE YOU!!!!!![​IMG]
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    • HeatherB
      @MrsPeel We also watched Picard...found that it was darker than what we would normally watch as a family. Same with Star Trek Discovery. When did Star Trek stop being a family show?! I agree this is against the vision of Rodenberry.
      Love you too! :heartlub
    • JenEm
      I am such a fan of photo-less pages, and you have created such an amazing page. I am right there with you - not a fan of scary movies or books either. Love your journaling, and your use of the red paint is spot on! Love this so much. Congrats on the well-deserved Froggy Favorite. :)
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