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Journaling: 587 words
The first time I learned that her husband was abusing her was a phone call in which she asked ”Mom, if your husband punches
and then laughs and says it was accident, is that abuse?”. My response was immediate and unequivocal. YES! A few days
later she sent me a text of her best friend in bed in a sexual pose and said she had screenshotted it from her husband’s phone.
“What do you think, Mom?” She asked. “I would be concerned was my answer”, but inside I felt sick. It all came out in the
open then, the emotional abuse, the sleeping with her best friend/boss. And I couldn’t do anything-she was there and I was here.
I realized I wasn’t handling it as well as I could have, because I was so angry. I got my feelings under control and tried to
support her. That was two years ago. The only time I have been able to look her husband in the eye was in court. From
the witness stand. Oh my gosh, what a tough time it has been.
She decided to move back home with the kids and live with me. He filed an injunction preventing her from going anywhere. The
small town where they lived was full of gossip and hurtful lies generated by her in-laws and his girlfriend. Then she became
pregnant. That was not a lie, it was true. He began telling the kids that they were going to have a new little sister and he
had never loved their “lazy bitch” of a Mom. I tried to get her to go into a shelter, but there was that small-town thing again.
She would not. He broke in a stole all her food. He stole the kids’ clothing. They had nothing. One day she called me,
pulled over on the highway, having a panic attack. I felt so helpless.
It took a year to go to court. On the stand, he, his parents, and his girlfriend all lied. It was like they had coordinated it.
She did well on the stand. She held her own. She told the truth. They sighed loudly and rolled their eyes as she spoke.
The judge warned them more than once. She held her own. I took the stand. I told the truth. No one rolled their eyes nor
made a sound as I spoke. She said they were afraid of me. A friend later told me that meant they respected me. Whatever.
We won.

Then her beloved grandfather passed away. He had been so supportive of her and so angry at the husband. He left her a
great deal of money and she came out to look at homes to purchase. For fun we looked at showhomes. In one we looked at
each other and exclaimed, “This is our house!” “But we could never afford this.” But we could. We bought the land and
picked all the finishes. It was so exciting. She sold the house in the small town, it took less than two days! We rented a place
out here and she came home.
We watched our home being built. Every day we took the kids there. It was exciting. I sold my house. The kids started school.
They made new friends. I can’t say it has been easy and there is still a lot of healing to do. But we are looking toward the
Grandpa is smiling down on us. And I still cannot look the husband in the eye.
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    • Trish
      this is awesome, love all the journaling in the face. Fantastic
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    • mcurtt
      What beautiful, heartfelt journaling. I knew your DD was going thru a divorce, but I hadn't realized how nasty. I'm just so glad that you were able to look out after each other. And now, you have that beautiful home that you share. Yes, Grandpa is smiling, I can feel it. Hugs to you and your lovely little family. And I hope that your GD is feeling a bit better today. At least she's got a cast for people to sign.
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    • keepscrappin
      This is AMAZING! I love the photo treatment, colors and well, everything! :wub
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    • MiekSter
      I was touched by your journaling, what a journey, what a pain and sadness have there beeb for you and your daughter. I'm glad to see you are doing better, healing takes time, but you have each other, that's all that matters
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    • Electra
    • Amson
      Well done in supporting your daughter through such difficult times. I am so happy that finally she is free and happy with you. Wonderful page especially with all the paint and brush work.
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    • Electra
    • bestcee
      Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you were able to help your daughter, and I'm glad she trusted you enough to help her. So many woman don't. Yeah for a new house for all of you! A clean beginning. Thanks for playing in my challenge!
    • Electra
      @bestcee thak you and thanks for the challenge!
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