Claire Grantham

AJ Monthly Muse: October 2020 Week 4 - Summer Vibes

AJ Monthly Muse: October 2020 Week 4 - Summer Vibes
Claire Grantham, Oct 28, 2020
OH I love Summer. Loved this month's muse, it was awesome!
Creating this one was really fun!

1. Tell me what you like (or dislike) about SUMMER. (You can use journaling or just some word art or both :)). I LOVE Summer, my journaling talks about why.
2. CHOOSE a colour palette that YOU feel represents this particular season for YOU. (For instance, you may like to scrap a summer page using blue and purple because YOU like it.) Yellows, pinks, blues all scream Summer at me
3. Include a texture(s) or geometrics shape(s) that represent SUMMER for YOU. I used a textured paper (white) and I added a textured style to my folded paper, that made me think of the sea and I recoloured all my paint to be yellow/gold, to evoke sand.

I used (all the things, per usual) -
SwL Fun Folds Overlays
Allison Pennington Pool Party People Elements
NBK Electric Youth Styles
Just Jaimee Storyteller July 2020 Collection
Lynn Grieveson Tastes Like Summer Kit