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jenn mccabe, Mar 1, 2018
For one of Tangie's Lessons in her amazing, inspiring Art Journaling for Scaredy Cats workshop.

grab 10 things at random ... this was so helpful in loosening my style up to create AJ pages. {loved it!!}

Moonlight Hollow | Tangie Baxter
Brushes from the AJ for Scaredy Cats Workshop (class download) | Tangie Baxter
Dot Brush from TLP Feb '18 Freebie Template | Tangie Baxter
Jubilation Hand Painted Doodles | Tangie Baxter
Mixed Media Monthly - M3 Oct '16 (quote) | Rebecca McMeen
Songbird Stickers | Paula Kesselring
Spider's Web Borders | Paula Kesselring
Paper Collection 17 | Paula Kesselring
In the Garden | Paula Kesselring
Storytelling Elements (journaler) | Allison Pennington
    • cfile
      oh wow Jenn.. this is deep and very beautiful. I love the Q & A... beautifully scrapped.. all the different paint colors blended and colorful. Everything is perfect here. You ertainly are rocking the AJ.. well done!
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    • jenn mccabe
      @cfile now i look at it and wish i would have puppet warped that flower - bent it down half way to droop it - dang it. lol but thank you. this is still SO hard for my clean organized brain to do this!!! :)
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    • mcurtt
      This is beautiful! Definitely shines in the gallery.
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    • cfile
      @jenn mccabe Jenn, don't worry we are our worst critics and we have to say done and walk away otherwise we would still be there tweaking and adding. I think it is beautiful as is :)
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    • redplaid3
      Very strong. I think you used the brushes amazingly!
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    • ashleywb
      really beautiful, Jenn!
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    • Christina W
      Wow - the pages that are coming out of Tangie’s AJ class are stunning and yours is a true work of art!! Your artistic side and your clean, minimal side clearly worked together to create an image that is both exuberant and reflective - I love it and I can’t wait to see what you create next!
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    • ArmyGrl
      Wow Jenn! This is stunning. Visually, it has great colors and flow...and the white background is perfect. And then, one reads the journaling...*gasp*. So powerful!
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    • Angela Toucan
      this is absolutely beautiful, and I like the wordart at the bottom. I don't think I'd actually get around to listing myself.
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