20-01-04 - January 4, 2020

20-01-04 - January 4, 2020
krscraps, Jan 28, 2020
Template: Mommyish Template Maker 2 ( X )
January Alpha: Ink Pad Alpha - Pink Reptile Designs ( X )
Stamp Effect: Stylin' 207 (Stamp Styles) - Mommyish ( X )
Paint: Project Mouse: Artsy 1 ( X )
Paint 2/Ready Set Go & This was Awesome Word Art/Starry Washi: Project Mouse: Vibes ( X )
Washi: Project Mouse: Washi Tape ( X )
Staples: Project Mouse (Essentials): Fasteners ( X )
Collage Cards: 365 Unscripted - Traci Reed
Font: The Contessa, Georgia

  • Steps: 23,923
  • Miles: 11.5
  • Parks: 3
  • Rides: 4
  • Characters: 0
OPENING: I got up around 5:10 am in order to get into DHS before 7:00am to get a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance. What a debacle. It claimed that I wasn't in the park and a frustrated me wound up in boarding group #154 (a backup group and I wouldn't have ridden that day). This was the second time this happened. I needed to go on Tower of Terror to calm down.

So I went to Guest Relations to see what was going on. They determined that it probably was my app, but the lovely CM bumped my boarding group up to 80! I could have hugged him!

JC2: After heading to DAK to ride Expedition Everest, I made my way to Epcot to try and catch a training. It didn't happen. Soon, it was downpouring and I made it to Nine Dragons in china just in time. I got their Honey Sesame Chicken and a Jade Beauty. It was pretty good for standard Chinese fare.

RotR: By the time I was done, it was time to head back to DHS to get on Rise of the Resistance! While I had been on the ride once before, I wanted to give it another go. Boy, was I gad that I did. It truly is a marvel of a ride unlike anything that I have ever experienced. It is something that is so immersive that you forget that you're even in a theme park!

Rise of the Resistance Photos removed to avoid spoilers
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