1996: Magical

1996: Magical
MrsPeel, Jul 17, 2015

I was a stage person, I knew feelings that are too overwhelming to explain with words, and I thought I knew happiness. Until I got pregnant. I never thought, way until I was almost 35 years old, a year married to Andy, almost 5 together 24/7...never thought I would be a mum. But then one day I wanted to, so we went on working for "it"- The day I knew I was pregnant I stopped smoking, drinking, eating anything that came into my path....and had the most amazing pregnancy ever, As a matter if fact I can say I had one of the best years of my life- And then she arrived. That night, the first night in which we were left alone in the hospital room (I had a C section because of one of my congenital conditions the normal delivery wouldn\'t be possible) I looked at this tiny little thing...ugly, she was ugly then, God knows she was all wrinkled and with tightly shut eyes most of the time, and with a full head of hair (according to my mil it was what gave me so much heartburn on pregnancy!) but the feeling I had...oh it is so, so greatly overwhelming...I can still call on that feeling. I still feel that feeling, with every success of hers, in school, in the performing arts...I still cry like a baby non stop at ALL her performances (that's why she doesn\'t want me on first row)I still feel that feeling every time she falls asleep in my bed, or when I go into her room to tuck her in (yes, 19 years old, still asks to be kissed by mum) . I know for some women having a child is not "accomplishing" like anyone can have a baby, you have your own life and ...well, you get the drift. To me, I have had enough accomplishments before I had her, and even had many after she was born...but "my moment" ? the moment that happiness overwhelms you and grabs hold of your body like a hurricane and tells you life is worth it, and you look into this child's eyes and you then know the meaning of "God"? That was, that IS my moment. Even though at times I get annoyed and the teenage thing "gets" me.... that is "my moment" for sure. :) For the Journaling Challenge at The Lilypad- I know I got very emotional making this and forgot to write down to what I used: papers are from Mixed Media Monthly kits, some elements from Little Butterfly Wings Picture Perfect & I am Beautiful (and maybe more, that is what I recognised- checked and it is) the word magical from Pink Reptile Designs: Word Up! I think that golden scatter is from a Forever Joy kit. I also used a template from Akizo: Paper Play #08- It maybe not the most beautiful page ever I made, but to me, this is precious. Thanks Heather for taking me back to scrap this. TFL-
    • jenn mccabe
      ok, i've had my daily dose of tears for the day ... such moving journaling Cynthia. what a special page not only for you but for Sarita to read. i just love it! the photo sums it all up too ... the way you are looking at her. amazing and yes, deft'ly a magical moment! xoxo
    • Karen
      Congratulations!  Your fabulous layout has been featured on The Lilypad Blog today!  :)
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