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Somewhere on the edge of wherever
Exists beyond the reach of taint
A lovely being untouched by never
Made of watercolor dreams so faint.

Blake Includes:
12 ea. Papers, Blake, Blake Sketched, Solitude Collage, Crown, Watercolor Crown, Hair Decor, Paper Fragments, Bird Collages, Joy Writing, Word Art, 19 ea. Watercolor Hexagons, Accent Collages, Scribbles, Flower Collage, Blue Fish, Vintage Flower, Living in Harmony Collage, Watercolor Word Art, 13 ea.Watercolor Accents, Color Palette, Frame, Blue Leaf Stem, Watercolor Border, Sunflower Collages, 9 ea. Watercolor Flower Balls, Word Art “My Life is a Color Palette”, Watercolor Flower Garland, Orange Iris, Blue Iris, 2 ea. Swirls, 5 ea. Dresses.


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