Viewpoint {elements} by Sara Gleason

Viewpoint {elements} by Sara Gleason

Viewpoint {elements} by Sara Gleason

Viewpoint {Arboretum Elements} by Sara Gleason 

The Viewpoint {Arboretum Elements} are available here separately OR as a part of the complete Viewpoint {Arboretum} collection which includes templates (bare + assembled) + a full alphabet.

Inspired by the stories of where we stand, our viewpoint.  

Our VIEWPOINT is, at it’s most fundamental and authentic level, a point of view. OUR point of view. The vista from which we view our story. And as storytellers and memory keepers we often paint portraits of our viewpoint without even realizing that’s what we are doing: we share snippets of feeling, we record details of the moment…ultimately we narrate. We craft and record our personal narratives rooted in our personal VIEWPOINT. 

The VIEWPOINT is the vantage point from which a story is told. Some days our vantage point is within the walls of our homes. Other days our vantage point takes us to far off places. As our scene…our view.. changes so does the narrative of our story. The How and The Why of our memory keeping shifts with place and time. There is such a beautiful balance of Where We Stand and Where We Can Go that lives in our VIEWPOINT. Because our viewpoint is a beautiful balance of circumstance and attitude. Of What We See and What We Feel.

The Viewpoint {Papers} coordinate beautifully with the Arboretum {Viewpoint} collection and the Memory Monthly Pockets "Viewpoint" collection for June 2015. 

The Viewpoint {Arboretum Elements} collection specifically includes:

  • 12 journal cards (for using as mats, fillers or layering)
  • 1 4x4 photo journal card
  • 3 map-y mat paper pieces (for using as mats, fillers or layering)
  • 1 paper mat
  • 1 round journaler (in 5 color variations)
  • 1 striped border (in 3 color/stripe variations)
  • 1 button
  • 1 brad (in three color variations)
  • 1 doily
  • 1 set journal lines
  • 2 filmstrip frames
  • 1 paper frame
  • 2 paper flowers
  • 1 label (in 3 variations)
  • 1 "legend" journal strip
  • 1 plain rectangular journal strip
  • 1 paper butterfly
  • 2 paper confetti scatters
  • 4 paper pieced deco circles
  • 1 vellum paper piece (with cut out)
  • 3 circle sticker dots
  • 2 paper stickers (1 airplane, 1 globe)
  • 1 paper lens circle
  • 3 paper travel tags (AUS (Austin), LHR (London Heathrow), HND (Tokyo International)
  • 1 striped tag
  • 2 paper circles
  • 1 paper clock tidbit
  • 1 twine wrap (for photos, or stacks)
  • 6 veneer pieces (airplane, globe, people, clock, "go", geotag)
  • 1 viewmaster ephemera piece
  • 1 viewmaster frame (in 2 plain and 1 layered .psd versions)
  • A, B, C paper circles (for labeling photos, maps, creating personal "story legends")
  • numerals 1-9 in paper circles (for labeling photos, maps, creating personal "story legends")
  • numerals 0-9 in cream chipboard
  • 2 stamps (1 062015 date stamp, 1 "we came, we saw, we loved" sentiment)
  • 19 word art pieces (sentiments include: "#and", "the best day", "big memories", "embrace detours", "favorite view", "#go", "go", "happy place", heart, "from here to there", "latitude:", "longitude:", "loved", "outlook", "#POV", "perspective", "vantage point", "#wander", "we were here")

The Viewpoint {papers} can be purchased separately.  

Viewpoint {papers}

All products are created at 300 DPI for optimal printing quality. Please see my TOU for full terms. I hope you have fun scrapping your own stories with The Viewpoint collection!

Feel free to visit my blog: for more inspiration, story centric journal prompts, updates, goodies and news.

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