Story Seeds: Friend {collection} by Sara Gleason

Story Seeds: Friend {collection} by Sara Gleason

Story Seeds: Friend {collection} by Sara Gleason

Story Seeds: Friend {collection} by Sara Gleason

Story Seeds is an ongoing series of story centric memory keeping collections featuring carefully crafted paper and element designs with roots planted in a specific story prompt and theme. Together the story prompt and design collection act as a kind of Story Toolbox designed to help you tell a single story thorougly and thoughtfully in your favorite storytelling medium. The Story Seeds: Friend collection inspired by the always-in-your-corner friends, the forever friends...the pals and confidants.  Story Seeds: Friend is laden with inspirational lexicon and story centric elements.

The Story Seeds: Friend {collection} includes:

Story Seeds: Friend {papers}:

Story Seeds: Friend {Papers}

10 versatile patterned papers (with several alternates) in friendly, cheerful hues with soft touches of texture, floral, and classic patterns and a few versatile solid papers.

Story Seeds: Friend {elements + story toolbox}:

Story Seeds: Friend {elements + story toolbox} Story Seeds: Friend {elements + story toolbox} Story Seeds: Friend {elements + story toolbox} Story Seeds: Friend {elements + story toolbox}

The Story Seeds: Friend element collection includes 90+ story centric elements + 50 stamp varitions and specifically:

  • 1 acrylic mat (in black and white variations)
  • paper pennant (shadowed and unshadowed)
  • 1 vintage bead
  • 1 modern bead
  • 2 buttons
  • 1 instax frame (in layered .psd with photo mask + indivudal .png)
  • 1 double photo frame (in layered .psd with photo mask + indivudal .png)
  • 1 doodled wreath frame
  • 1 label (in 9 color variations)
  • 1 gesso mat
  • 1 paint splatter
  • 2 tags
  • 2 circle deco tidbits (stripe, vintage-esque pink)
  • 1 paper heart tidbit (in 5 color block variations)
  • 1 twine bow
  • 3 flowers (1 mixed, 1 fabric, 1 crochet, 2 paper)
  • 1 leaf
  • stitching
  • wood veneer heart
  • wood veneer ampersand 
  • 1 scribble to "fill in the checkbox"
  • 22 paper stickers (6 flowers, 1 doodle arrow, 1 doodle bow, "soul sister", "true friends", "inseparable", 2 heart scatters, 1 pie chart, 1 "giggle" talk bubble, you're my person round, cut from the same cloth round, 3 story of friendship rounds, trailing heart, doodle wreath frame)
  • 50 stamps ("anatomy of a friendship" - in color and blank variations - filled and unfilled, arrow, "because of you, I", "together like bees & honey" circle, "best friends", checkboxes: "comedian", "encourager", "listener", "truth teller", "cut from the same cloth" circle, "cut from the same cloth", 6 flowers, 2 heart scatters - b/w + color, "forever friend", "kindred spirit", "it's so much friendlier with two. A.A. Milne", "a friendship story", "good company", "imprinted on my heart", "sunlight to my soul", "inseparable", "soul sister", "true friend", "I'm much more ME when I'm with you", "true friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.", checkboxes: "pal, confidant", portrait stamp, "a sweet friendship refreshes the soul", "a friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. - Donna Roberts", "you will always be the sister of my sould, the friend of my heart", "friend soulmate", "giggle" talk bubble, "we go together like _______ + _______", "two peas in a pod", "you are the _______ to my _______")
  • 33 word art pieces (sentiments include: "best friends", "we make the best memories", "better together", "#bff", "such a blessing", "#buddy", "chosen family", "est. _____", "file under: my person", "forever.", "f | friend", "a friendship story", "good company", "good times", "we go together", "imprinted on my heart", "inseparable", "joy to my heart", "kindred spirits", "#mate", "you're my person and I'm your person", "our hearts are very very old friends", "a pal and a confidant", "partner in crime", "cut from the same cloth", "#sister", "friend soulmate", "we stick together", "thank you for being a friend", "through thick and thin", "a true friend", "two peas in a pod", "we laughed and we laughed")

All products are created at 300 DPI for optimal printing quality.   Please see my TOU for full terms. I hope you have fun scrapping your own stories with the Story Seeds: Friend collection!

Feel free to visit my blog: for more inspiration, story centric journal prompts, updates, goodies and news.

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