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This artwork was featured in Somerset Digital Studio.

Marpessa Bundle includes the entire Marpessa collection.
Mansion Kit (Borders, Flourishes, Furuniture, Gargoyles, Ehtereal Friend, Journal & Miscellany, Papers, Wordart)
Marpessa Toggery (Her entire closet)
Marpessa Art Dolls (13 Amazing art dolls already created for you)

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Marpessa’s Haunted Mansion

Marpessa, being a mortal of wealth and prosperity, had her choice of any mansion in the kingdom. She looked far and wide and finally fell madly in love with the grey stone monstrosity sitting atop the highest hill overlooking the grey-green forest. She was not intimated by the towering columns or the granite gargoyles standing guard on  turrets - made especially ferocious by centuries of weather and wear. 
When she was quite comfortably settled all snuggly and warm in her cavernous h, she began her midnight excursions of exploration. She found the shadowy corners of chilly rooms, and strange bumps in the night deliciously  intriguing.   The ritual of tiptoeing with temerity through corridors and staircases, peeking randomly into vestibules and porticos, petitioning with her eyes for glimpses of ethereal light became a delightful obsession. She was rewarded often by her efforts. 
Come, join Marpessa in her search.
Marpessa- from the Land of Black and White
Marpessa is not only a creature of delightful beauty and charisma, but also of wisdom in nonsensical proportions. She is notably respected by her peers and associates, including the fay queen who secretly envies her creative flare.
Marpessa dresses exquisitely. Her wardrobe does not define her, instead it is a manifestation of her artistic nature and abilities. She expresses her art through billowing, layered skirts made of hand-stitched  butterfly brocade; filmy Twinklesilk® blouses dotted with diamond glitter;  troll-woven linen leggings trimmed with tatted lace; vintage accessories rendered from fairy swords and pixie wands; and most of all crowns. And shoes. 
Crowns and shoes. The only time Marpessa’s wisdom is ever questioned is in her choice of head and foot embellishment.  It is especially emphasized by the size 11 nature of her imprint from the lowest region of her body. But she does not allow the occasional whisper of dissent dissuade her from adorning her head daily (though anyone else in the kingdom would consider it blasphemy to wear a crown). Her feet likewise adorned, she can often be heard to say, “My shoes? My shoes are the dearest of all my possessions. They take me where I want to go”.

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