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    The Template MIS with a Twist
    (to participate in the TWIST just comment in this thread before the MIS starts and then complete the MIS, easy peasy!)
    Because the template is your choice, the only way I will know if you participated is if you link your layout in this thread. To qualify, post your layout to the gallery or hosting site of your choice* and then paste the image and link here by 7:00 am ET tomorrow to qualify for the drawing and by 7:00 pm ET tomorrow to qualify for the free template. You can make your layout yours; add items and design as you like, as long as, you follow the instructions below.

    Below are two sets of instructions, pick one! When posting your layout to this thread indicate the instructions you chose (1st, 2nd, or 3rd).

    1st Choice
    A sample of a layout using these instructions can be found here.

    1. Have 2 or more photos.
    2. Have dots/polka dots/circle pattern for your background paper.
    3. Have 2 or more different flowers BUT no leaves.
    4. Have a butterfly, bee, or ladybug.
    5. Put an exclamation point (!) in your title.
    6. Have exactly 2 pieces of tape and exactly 2 staples.
    7. Use one or more brackets/hug brackets. { }

    2nd Choice
    A sample of a layout using these instructions can be found here.
    1. Have an even number of photos.
    2. Use a multi-colored patterned paper in your background.
    3. Have four different types of fasteners; choose from staples, buttons, brads, stitches, tape, binder/paper clips.
    4. Have exactly one star.
    5. Have an even number of words in your main title.
    6. Use arrows somehow; element, paper, photo.
    7. Tuck an element(s) into your main title.

    The TWIST
    For those that comment in this thread before the start of the challenge (posts 2-Xx), you only have a third option.

    3rd Choice (Twisters Only)
    A sample of a layout using these instructions can be found here.

    1. Have 2 or more photos.
    2. Use a neutral color background (blacks, whites, grays, browns).
    3. Have a cluster that contains three or more words/word tags/word art.
    4. Have a brad(s) AND a button(s)
    5. Use a number (written as a number) in your main title. Sample titles: "Arlo Turns 2", "B4 Cell Phones", "Go 2 Bed!"
    6. Use either string(s), ribbon(s) or bow(s) but not two or all three.
    7. Your photos cannot touch/overlap/stack.

    *Posting Notice: To upload your layout into the TLP gallery it must follow TLP gallery posting requirements.

    The sample layout follows the instructions - if it has it that means you can have it!

    What is Liz's MIS: Liz's Template Make It Snappy (even months of the year) and Make It Slowly (odd months of the year) are a twist on the favorite speed scrap challenge. You can use any Liz template that you own and we make it even easier, because you pick the template after seeing ALL the instructions. Everyone that completes a qualifying layout and posts in this thread within 24 hours of the start of the challenge will receive a new, never released template for free. Complete you layout within the time limit (75 minutes for Make It Snappy, 12 hours for Make It Slowly) and you may win a $10 coupon to Liz's store!!!

    Don't own a Liz template yet? Well its easy, you can pick up some Liz templates for free!! Look for freebies in Liz's Facebook Group [link] or Liz's Blog [link].

    The MIS will be hosted in this thread.

    Participation Prize

    Here are some additional details: The Twist can be many things: extra time, ability to delete/change an instruction, etc. I will post the instructions at the top of the thread and at the end of thread at the start of the MIS.

    For the first part of a Make It Slowly, you will have until 7:00 am ET the next day (12 hours) to complete the layout using the instructions (quantity will vary) plus the Twist (to get the Twist just comment in this thread before the start of the challenge; unless specified the comment can be anything - "Hi!" works). All those that complete the layout per instructions and post by 7:00 am ET next day (12 hours) will qualify; one layout from the qualifying layouts will win $10 to Liz's store.

    For the second part, same instructions but you will have 24 hrs to complete the layout and post in this thread. all participants that complete a qualifying layout in the first or second half, will receive the free template. If you are new to posting layouts at TLP, please give yourself extra time to do so. If you have trouble posting in the TLP Gallery or your layout doesn't meet Gallery criteria, you can post your layout in the Scrapping with Liz Facebook Group by the deadline to qualify; just make sure to comment and link to your post in Facebook before time is called.

    The Nitty Gritty
    1. Have fun and play nice!
    2. Use only a Scrapping with Liz template(s) (active, freebie or retired are all okay).
    3. The layout you use must be new for this challenge and cannot be used for another store or designer challenge.
    4. If you post your layout in the TLP gallery please follow all gallery requirements.
    5. Link an image of your layout before the end of the challenge in this TLP Challenge Thread; please include your credits.
    6. Qualification of layouts and eligibility of participation solely determined by Scrapping with Liz.
    7. Questions? Just post your question in this thread; please tag my username (tpbuffy) to get my attention. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.
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