{HOS3} Chat is today! Last day for Pre-Sale Pricing.

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    Kingship and Wisdom. These are the topics we are highlighting in this Heart of Scripture Workshop. It's the third and final Workshop in the HOS series and once again, we are turning to the Psalms for instruction and inspiration.

    The first lesson will be posted tomorrow, but there is no time limit on this study. Go through it as quickly or slowly as you need to. Spend time in God's Word and learn to love these beautiful chapters in the Book of Psalms more as you study.

    I'd love for you to join me on this adventure. Pre-Sale pricing (33% off) will end tomorrow when Lesson one is released!


    1. Do I need to have the other 2 parts of the HOS series to participate?
    Not at all. Each workshop comes from the Psalms and the art is complimentary, but each is completely free-standing. So jump on in! (note: the other 2 Workshops are still available as self-paced classes in the Grace in Color TLP Shop)

    2. Where do I access the lessons?
    There is a private forum just for students in the TLP forum that I will add you to where everything is housed.

    3. How long is the Workshop?
    The live version will span 4 weeks, starting tomorrow (Intro Live Chat at 1pm today if you purchase it before then), but it will remain available indefinitely. You are never too late to join!

    4. What's included?
    Four lessons, two Live Chats (one TODAY), a TN-sized Workbook you can use in your study, and a HUGE digital kit by @Lynne-Marie Designs that coordinates with the other two HOS Workshop kits. We will be expressing ourselves with Bible Journaling... which can be done in a journal, Bible or digitally!

    I'd love to see you in the classroom.
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    I got my kit today, Jen. So anxious to get started again!
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    I'm so sorry I didn't get to go to the chat yesterday. No laptop at work so that meant I was actually doing office work, lol! HA!

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