Can We Talk Orginazition/Storage?

Discussion in 'Hybrid Pad' started by mommy2boyz, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. mommy2boyz

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    Sep 27, 2010
    I'm finding that I'm quickly adding a lot of stamps, stickers, alphas, embellishments, and tools to my stash of hybrid supplies, which when I open and see them I'm like this... :happydance2 And then I look for somewhere to put them and I'm like :dizzy. LOL. Show me how you organize your stash. I have a Raskog cart, but right now that's all. I'm working on my nice desk (not a designated craft desk) and it's in a corner of my living room. I think we are moving this summer to a larger house and if we do I *should* have a craft room there. Right now the spare room is our school room. Until then, I need inspo. Any suggestions for making use of a very small craft area for now?
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    I will try to get some decent pics, but my craft room is a disaster. Lol!

    I actually have 2 of those hang up "closets" (set of fabric shelves that are connected to a hanger and are in the closet). I filled them by getting tupperware containers at the dollar store. The boxes and things that are heavy are on the bottom shelves, to help keep everything sturdy. Earlier in the year, I tried to purge some of my stash because I never use it, and tried limiting myself to what fits on those shelves. It's grown, again, to more than that. But i have also been doing other crafts with the kids this year, so kids craft stuff is in a different spot... it's a "build your own set of shelves" type thing with metal sides, and plastic pieces that clip together. It currently has 6 cubes, and then is a shelf on the top. I also have a drafting table that a friend gave to me ages ago. The intent is for that to be my crafting table, but instead acts as a crap-catcher/desk for my work laptop.

    Seriously, my office/craft area is bad. (The organization works for me, it just keeps expanding!) And husband says I have to start planning to move it all, because we really need to give that room to my son, so that kids aren't sharing a room any more. I'm sad.
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    Dec 22, 2015
    I am using the cubes from Michaels (50% off right now) and for the most part I really like them. They are nice for rearranging and moving, but they can be a bit unstable. I've been buying a few at a time when they're on sale, and partway through last year they changed a tiny bit and the new ones and old ones don't match up exactly on the holes/pegs that help them stabilize.


    Here's the room from the top of the stairs, I've since added a couple tables in the middle for when I have local planner girl meet ups here.

    Here's a close up of my desk:

    and because it's just so pretty ;)
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  4. AnneofAlamo

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  5. jk703

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    I agree, that tape is so pretty!

    When I was a crafter... I used large bookshelves, and then stacked stamps and other stackable items. Then I also had small containers with little drawers in them - for stuff to be combined but with similar items. Like embossing powders, and the heat tool together, brads, eyelets and metal fasteners with their tools in another drawer. Another might hold glitters, beads, and other small pieces.


    For paper, I used two of those large rectangular storage boxes. Some come with a slight edging on the side, and I could easily use file folders for paper storage. I would sort it by color and then just leave the tops open when I was crafting. This really kept the paper nice, neat, and still colorful to see what I was picking out.


    I also used a Pampered Chef caddy for tools that I would use often or needed a home. Embossing Pen, Waterbrushes, Water Pens, and the like.

    Good Luck... soon you will have so much and need more ideas, lol!
  6. mrspotts

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    Jul 24, 2011
    I don't have a picture right now, but my setup is VERY similar to Wendy's. I have an IKEA desk with the computer and a small workspace for me. Next to the desk is a tall bookshelf. Everything is in either IRIS containers (bought at Michaels, I think Hobby Lobby sells them too) or in wire containers (Target Dollar Spot finds). In my bedroom (which I hate and I'm trying to relocate) is a wire cube storage system that I bought at target many years ago. They still sell them. They are about $30 for 8 or 9 cubes that you can change into different configurations. These again hold IRIS bins and more wire baskets. I use the bins and baskets that I do because I like to see what I have. If I can't see it...I don't use it. But I also like it to look nice since it is in a main area of our house. These bins and system work well for me.

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