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  1. JenEm
    The hummingbirds here are so territorial, they chase all the other birds away lol! You can get feeders that do not have a "perch" for the others to sit on. Or just put a CD on top of your feeder to stop the others from landing there. How cool that you have woodpeckers visiting.
    Jul 1, 2022
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  2. ArmyGrl
    So the funny thing is, there is no perch really for the other birds. But I got a feeder that has BIG flowers...they sit on the plastic flowers! HA! And reach their beaks into the next flower.
    Jul 1, 2022
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  3. umyesh
    Those poor little guys! Hopefully they can take it back over.
    Jul 1, 2022
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  4. G.J.
    Poor little birds
    Jul 2, 2022