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Journaling is in Dutch; Google translate did a pretty good job, but I still had to correct a few mistakes.

In 2008, after I left Mario, I asked the bank if I could get a loan.
Maximum € 100,000… The fact that half of the house, where Mario still lived, is my property, did not count here. Since I had no capital of my own at the time, I could only afford a small studio and I didn't like that at all. As long as Dennis was domiciled with Mario, the house was not to be sold.
Fast forward to 2018… Dennis's domicile finally changes; he moves in with Liesje and now Mario must agree to the sale of the house. Since we are not yet officially divorced, whatever one of us buys, would still be ours together, so now I can also get the divorce to go ahead by mutual consent, according to the contract we drew up in 2008.
On February 14, 2019, the divorce is pronounced.
The house is now also put up for sale (April 2019). First the broker sets the price at € 250,000, which I think is too much, the house is large, has a garage and a large garden, but there is a lot of work on it. We decide to follow the broker, but there is no acceptable offer. We lower the price twice to € 179,000. Then we are lucky, there are 2 candidates for the house on the same day and they bid against each other, so we almost achieve the requested sales price (€ 176,000). The compromise is signed, and the sale will go through in February 2020.
A visit to the bank is also part of it, to know how much I can still borrow, after all I will be 60 years old in 2020. But I can get enough.
Finally, I can look for my own apartment. I'm looking for something of
maximum € 165,000, but in Ostend the choice is not that great, it is an expensive city. Then I see an apartment on the other side of the street, asking price € 145,000, usually for this price it is not much of a deal, but the accompanying photos on the website look promising. I immediately make an appointment for a viewing, and ask Ronald to come along, to look at the electricity and so on.
When I enter the apartment I know immediately, this is it! 100 m² with 2 bedrooms, a large living room and kitchen, 2 (small) terraces, a storage room, and a large cellar. There are a few candidates, but no one has made an offer yet. Two days later I take another look and I stick to my decision; I want to buy this apartment! I go to the broker and he says that I have to offer the full price because a lower offer will be refused by the owners, as the price was recently reduced by € 10,000. That € 145,000 was no problem with my share of the sale of our house and an additional loan. I also have enough left to renovate the bathroom (walk-in shower instead of a bath) and get the electricity in order. And of course, also to pay the notary fees. The compromise is signed, and sales will continue in April 2020.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are problems with the sale dates! The sale of the house must be postponed, fortunately the purchase of the apartment is also postponed, because I need the money from the sale to be able to pay for my apartment ...
The already agreed renovation of the bathroom must also be postponed, but luckily Olivier understands this, and it is not a problem.
Ultimately, the sale of the house takes place on May 2, 2020 and the purchase of the apartment on May 25, 2020.
That almost had to be postponed, because the owner was hospitalized, his daughter would take his place, but then there was a power of attorney needed and Covid-19 rules prohibit the owner from receiving visitors. But the notary was able to arrange it anyway and the power of attorney was in order the evening before the purchase.
On June 23, 2020 the time has come to move, and that on my 60th birthday!
It took until the beginning of January 2021, but now I finally have the title deed in my hands.

wordcount in Dutch: 707
wordcount in English: 721
    • flowersgal
      Buying and selling houses is always an adventure with unexpected twists and turns in the road. Covid-19 added some extra twists. Glad to hear that eventually you were able to complete both transactions and get the apartment that really called to you. Wishing you many happy years there.
      Bagheertje likes this.
    • bestcee
      I'm so glad you were able to get a place of your own, even if you had to wait a while. My friend also had a Covid-19 delay when buying his house because the current owner caught covid! I'm glad it was settled pretty quickly! Thanks for playing in my challenge!
      Bagheertje likes this.
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