trekmom, Sep 19, 2023
When I was growing up, there were a few things that were upsetting to my family. The first was Doctor Martin Luther King being assassinated, on my mom's birthday. I came home and she was crying. Then we were both crying. I was 7 then. In 1975, I was 14 and the news was on every night during dinner time and this was forefront for us. It made me very sad as a teen. I also wanted to tell my dad: "be quiet, Archie Bunker!"
I used:
Lyrics from Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA and from his song called The Wall. Photo from Pinterest.
Rachel Jefferies: Eden: Painterly Basics 02, mm mini Mix Messy Stamps 02 and 03, rusted tag.
Paula Kesselring: Grunge Transparencies: 2-5.
Paula Kesselring: Stitching Borders: 1-7.
Nini Goes Digi: Spring It On: Solids 04 and String.
    • Lynnette
      Gorgeous photo & it's just lovely paired with your words and the stitched border. I've always been so sad at how Vietnam vets were (and still are) treated - definitely deserved so much better.
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    • designbylime
      Fantastic photo and journaling. I remember all the news that was on TV and how it made me feel. That wall is so powerful and tells the story on how many that died in that war, I guess young people of today don't really know what it is.
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    • trekmom
      @Lynnette Thank you so much.
      @designbylime I think the war was the first time that we ever so much in the news. As a kid, it was scary, now we see so much, all the time. Just heartbreak every single day. Thank you.
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