Scraplift-April-Farrah Jobling-Wild Life:Toilet Paper Gate 2020

Scraplift-April-Farrah Jobling-Wild Life:Toilet Paper Gate 2020
RJMJ, Apr 8, 2020
I Looked Through Farrah's Gallery Several Times...But I Kept Coming Back To The Same Layout...It Had A Large Notebook & A Few Elements To Complete Her Page...& I Just Kept Thinking About That Notebook In Particular...It Is One Of Paula Kesselring's "Old Notebooks" From That Kit...I Have That Kit & That Notebook Too!...That Was My First Inspiration...I Have Been Wanting To Create A Layout With A Rather Striking Notebook As The Backdrop Of My Layout...For Quite Some Time Now...So A Perfect Inspiration!...But The Few Elements That Were There Got Me Thinking...Sometimes You Only Need A Few Simple Elements To Create A Great Page...& Sometimes The Simplest Everyday Things Are Taken For Granted Or Perhaps Don't Seem That Important...& Then My Mind Drifted Back To Covid-19...& As I Have Sarcastically Nicknamed It "Toilet Paper Gate"...This Is A Sarcastic Reference Going Back To One Of The Biggest Political Scandals In The History Of The USA Called "Water Gate"...It Was Scandalous To Say The Least!!!...And As Soon As The Toilet Paper "Hoarding" Issue Became The Topic Du Jour On The News Channel...I Knew That In My Mind...This Name Was Appropriate To The Scale & Epic Proportions Of Scandal...That People Were Making It Out To Be...It Both Shocked Me & Saddened Me All At The Same Time!...I Still Didn't Believe It Until I Saw The Pictures On The News Of People Fighting Over TP & Purchasing Way More Than Anyone Could Possible Use Respectively!!!...Who Decided This Anyway???...A Few Crazy People Who Panicked & Were Spreading An Unnatural & Unfounded Fear Of Running Out Of Toilet Paper????????...I Can't Really Wrap My Head Around This At All...With Everything That Is Going On In The World Right Now???...These People Are Obsessed With TP???...I Am Baffled By This!!!...There Is No Shortage Of TP In The World...There Are Only Shortages Because A Few People Decided That It Was A Thing?...& Were Spreading Yet Another Unfounded Fear Among The World That Everyone Needs To Start Hoarding Toilet Paper???...It Seemed Like The Start To A Really! Really! Bad Movie That Nobody Would Ever Watch [At Least Not Willingly]...[Hence The Movie Marquees In My Layout...]...I Will Never Understand This...Stop The Ridiculous Hoarding! & Leave Stuff There That Everyone Needs To Purchase!...This Is Probably Orchestrated By The Same People...That Are Not Social Distancing Properly & Not Wearing Masks When Needed & Probably The Same People Who Came Back From Abroad & Ignored The 14 Day Mandatory Quarantine!...I Mean REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...You Should All Be Ashamed Of Yourselves!!!...We All Need To Do Our Part & Hang In Together To Stop The Spread & Share The Resources!...Hoarding TP Will Not Stop The Spread Of Covid-19...Stay Calm! & Do Your Part Happily!...To Stop The Spread!...So Everyone Can Get Back To Their Lives!!!...Shame On You!...

*That's All I'm Gonna Say On The Subject...I Don't Like To Spread Negativity...But This Needed To Be Said & This Layout [For Me] Needed To Be Created!...To Forever Signify Another Crazy Scandal That Has Rocked Everyone's World In 2020...*...And Thanks To Farrah...She Inspired Me To Get These Feelings Out In The Open & Create A Digital Road Map To Certify These Feelings As Real & Current & Worth Documenting!...Thanks! Farrah For The Inspiration!!!...

But I Just Couldn't Leave This Subject In Too Negative Of A Light...Eventhough I Think My Layout Speaks For Itself About The Subject Matter...The Background Is Filled With White Paper & There Is A Lot Of Light Within The Layout Too!..Which Denotes Hope & Positivity & Healing...Nonetheless...Eventhough This Is A Seemingly Negative Subject Matter...There Is Always Hope & Positivity For The Future If We All Stick Together & Remain Calm!...

*Here's A Link To Farrah's Layout That Inspired All Of This:Lucky


*For My Wild Life:Toilet Paper Gate 2020 Layout-I Used:

*Old Notebooks-Paula Kesselring
*Chat Gift-Mini-Paula Kesselring
*Nature-Bundle-Paula Kesselring
*Shout It From The Rooftops-Rachel Jefferies
*M3 September 2019-Document Epic Stories-Lynne-Marie & Rachel Jefferies
*New Normal-WA-Gone Digital Designs(6)
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    • janedee
      Wow! Fantastic page - it totally captures the craziness of the times!
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    • JenEm
      This is amazing! I love your creativity and all the little snippets blended together. You have done a great job capturing the craziness of the times we are living in. Love the bunny with the face mask. So much eye candy! Congratulations! Your page is a Froggy Favorite! :)
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    • cfile
      great page Rhonda and thank you for playing along with the scraplift challenge.. congrats to on the Froggy Fav.. I like the fact that you used the notebook as your base and inspiration from Farrah, and then made an AJ page and made the page your own.. Well done. Thanks or playing along with the scraplift challenge.
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    • RJMJ
      @JenEm ...Your Kindness Made My Day!...Feeling Blessed To Be Here At The Lilypad...And Chosen As A FF For April!!!...:bk...Thank You!!! So Very Much!!!...
    • ArmyGrl
      I so glad your layout made the Froggy Favs! I am with you....who started this madness??? Why oh why TP?? Diarrhea is not a common symptom of COVID-19.

      I do like the marquee that says "The World is Temporarily Closed." It not funny, but yet it is.
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