Claire Grantham

Photography: December 2020 - Wonderland

Photography: December 2020 - Wonderland
Claire Grantham, Dec 22, 2020
Basically I live in Narnia!
I am not a cold/winter fan, so I am LOVING WFH in 2020, I should not have been here for Winter this year and so I am super happy to be inside, but I do have to get fresh air and run errands. So I took this shot of me on 3rd Dec, showing the little Christmas Deer behind me. Where I live there are all of these little creatures over the property in twinkling lights and it's super festive and feels like living in a winter wonderland.
I used -
SwL - Frosty Leaves Template
Allison Pennington - Wonderland elements and papers
Amy Wolff - Wintersong kit
Just Jaimee - Storyteller Dec 2020 Styles
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