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MOC 9 - Day 11 - Tell Me A Story (500 words+)
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Journaling - For Christmas 2019, Mom Mom sent Ben a race car bed as his big present. Ben had been sleeping in his toddler bed (converted from his crib) for at least six months and she thought he would love having more room and it was a race car. (Ben is all about his vehicles!)

When the box came, Todd and I didn't know what to do with it. We needed to get a mattress first so we left the box in the hallway (where it was annoying but after a week or two, we were use to it.) While we were at Joel and Kareen's house for New Year's Eve 2019, they offered us one of the twin mattresses they had had for their boys (who were now grown and out of the house). We were going to get one in the spring.... but then COVID-19 hit and we went into lock down. (I honestly don't think we saw them again before that... sigh) So the mattress had to wait.

Ben had even started a fun new game with the box – Ball Roll. He took his basket of balls and would dump it out and place the empty basket on the floor at the end of the box. The point of the game was to roll the balls down the length of the box and into the basket. Ben declared this as awesome. He could do it for hours when he first started playing. Every day for the first week or two, he played Ball Roll at least once. Eventually, it was less of a favorite. (I mean he was neglecting his duty to his wooden trains and collection of vehicles (mainly Hot Wheels and Matchbox).

The box in the hallway with the race car bed became a running joke in my family. Every time they saw a picture of it. They'd ask if we planned on setting up the bed before Ben went off to college. Ha! (Now, I'm the early bird in my family. I'm generally early to get up, early to send presents, early to scratch things off my list so this was something that they could enjoy. As an example, my older sister sent my 25th birthday present when she mailed my 30th birthday present – seriously! She forgot to mail it before she moved and it ended up in a box she didn't open until she was getting ready to move again.)

Getting a mattress was not high on our list of priorities while Covid was going on. So the box stayed in the hallway. And a year passed.

So this Christmas, Mom informed me she would be sending Ben a mattress to go with his race car bed because he was getting too big for his toddler one. She hoped he'd like it and that was that.

Todd wasn't sure what to think. “Where would we put the box?” I mean, the hallway was full. Our garage has a slight problem with Black Widow spiders so we don't store anything that we plan on bringing back into the house in there (aside from the giant ass tool box). My thought was just dump it on the guest bed and get Ben ready to move into the race car bed ASAP. Todd wasn't sure. Turned out to be a moot point. Box arrived. It was a compressed spring mattress that fit in the corner by the front door. Win!

Of course, the jokes from my family started as soon as I confirmed that it had arrived. Would it ever leave the box? Only time would tell. My favorite bet was whether Ben would get his new bed before my brother and his girlfriend moved out of Mom's basement in the spring. Ha! We won.

We prepared Ben for the opening (and loss of his Ball Roll Box) box and that he'd be moving into a real Big Boy bed. We talked about it for the week after Christmas before we told him to get his tool box so he could help us (mainly Todd) put his new bed together. He loved it. Ben jumped around the box and the pieces. He got in the way. He sat on the pieces we needed. He dropped screws. He hopped on his toddler bed with glee. It was a glorious day.

At the end of the day, he had his new bed with new bedding (vehicles and planets). We moved his toddler bed across the room. That night, he went to bed without tears so excited to sleep in his new bed (with a pillow! - something he never wanted in his toddler bed). No tears every night that week so at the next weekend. We took down his toddler bed and rearranged the furniture.

Ben wanted to keep the rocker because he wanted it for night time cuddles and morning hugs!It's been only a few days since we rearranged the room and it still feels a little weird but in a good way. He's getting bigger every day and someday soon he'll be ready for the rocker to head out the door too.

Now, we have to see if Joe and his girlfriend move out of the basement and whatever could Mom Mom buy Ben for Christmas 2021? Well, she's got some time to figure it out.

(Word Count - 891)

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    • Saar
      Oh this is a lot of fun. I love your take on the challenge.
    • bestcee
      This is so fun! I love that Mom Mom decided to finish the present with the mattress. And Ben deciding to use the box as a toy? That's so fabulous! Thanks for playing in my challenge!
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