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1078 words....
Yes, I know, I got "a bit"carried away. :giggle
Grammatically a mess, not sure if it makes sense properly as telling the story chronologically my brain isn't functioning at it's best, at least I tried. Here is how I landed here, and my love for Laura, the Designers, Pollys & scrappers. Talent, inspiration, and some of the most amazing Friendships. Journaling reads :
If you know me, you know my scrapping life is extremely
important… it has not only allowed me to make a record of Sarita’s early life so she can know her father as the marvelous man he was, but also to get back to visual arts and apart from creativity’s creativity is pleasure, it has become one of the best pain relief tools I have…. I know many of us here live with conditions that make us deal with chronic pain, so you do understand.
Then there is the human aspect… some of you have become part of
my chosen family, even though my blood families wonderful, and that I have friendships running 45 years or more, sometimes the way a scraper understand another is something that brings us closer….I have met many of you in person and my life is much better because of that, and some of you keep rescuing me from
falling into those darker places one can sometimes tend to give in…
and the community that has given me the blessings of people whom, even though we may not connect outside of our scrapping, forum or gallery, keep making my day better and allowing me to keep going…
Why I am writing about this? when I saw Anne-of Alamo’s page for my Day 3 Challenge, and she used the being Polly as one of her defining words… I wondered why didn’t that come to my mind when thinking my page… because, honestly, for the past decade or so, being a scrapper defines me, but that would be as an artist
which I did include… but taken that 2020 marked 5 years since Laura invited me to become a Polly, I thought I should make a record of how important the being part of such an amazing team has in my life…. I owe a LOT to many people in our industry… and here I have two main figures, the very first designer who invited me to her CT was Karen Schulz but as she isn;t here I wont go into it. But one very important one is Paula, because she started opening doors for me, at a time in which I started to get interested in the Art Journal, brought me into her team, is responsible for some of the most amazing pages I made in my life creating with her designs, but also because it was with her that some of us came too be here…. When Paula came for a month guest designer in 2013, I came reluctantly, for some reason some of us had this idea that it would be inhospitable, that there were “big time scrappers” which whom I wouldn’t fit, and, for me, who had been looking for a new scrap home but failing miserably, not for lack of trying, believe you me, at that point I was in 16 CTs and and I tried every
place you can imagine, but nothing brought back what we had at Gotta Pixel… but GP was no longer an option (this way before they closed down) When Paula’s guest month was done, I was not only delighted to see I had been wrong about this community, but one of my most favorite designers since I started, @Mirjam of Pink Reptile, was here, so I stayed, kept doing the challenges and the more I stayed, the more I fell in love with the community.
Next most amazing thing happened: Kim J put out a guest CT call… I applied, a bit on the “oh well, nothing to loose, one can but try” and when I got a message from her inviting me… OH JOY! my first team at The Pad, with a designer I had been previously buying
and admired… my joy kept growing and, after the month of guesting was done, the joy I had no word to describe , when Kim wrote to ask if I would like to stay on permanent… and then it came the one call I could not believe my eyes looking at the message, something I had never in a million years thought would happen….
I had mentioned in a CT outside the Pad where our dear Anne of Alamo was with me, I joked…and said "
you can tell Mirjam that if she ever is short of people, I am available…."
but it was an LOL thing… I was a customer, maybe not a great one as money was extremely tight at the time…so you can imagine my happiness… I have been a proud member of the Pink ladies since…. and then Valeria, Little Butterfly Wings, whom I had also been buying here and there and she still to this day is in my top favorites… and Lynne Marie (and I miss her so much now!!!), two ladies who have left, Laurie Ann and Kate Hadfield, having the honor to create for these ladies always occupies a HUGE space in my heart.... and then, another incredible moment, the day Laura invited me to the Pollys and I honestly felt like it had to be a dream… and then getting the message from Julie cheekily asking me to look at my profile (see that left side image and status..
which, of course, I took a screen shot) that day is forever treasured in my memory, occupying a huge space in my heart…. together with the amazing things I learned with the MOCs I played (getting to realize that, when we go our of our comfort zone, we grow as artist and even if not using the same technique or idea,
it has enriched our wisdom and talents, my first Pride of the Pad before becoming Polly, the honor and blessing to be able to create with stuff from these marvelous ladies rear make The Pad designers Team, to know I have now some of my best friends here, some of you know well, it is true: you have saved my life, not just my friends, but people whom we just communicate here, there is so much love and support… so, being a Polly most definitely
defines me…challenges me when I have to create ideas for the
scrap/chats, and the wonderful feeling those chats are, especially with a group of you who keep supporting me and making my life a much better one…
There is so much more I could say, but my vocabulary escapes me
to write coherently (not even sure I respected chronology well above LOL) so I will leave it here, but know that you are a blessing to me, and I feel privilege to be able to create and be around so many talented people, to call many of you my Friends….
so… pretty much like the wonderful witches of Oz: because I knew you, I have been changed, for GOOD
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    • AnneofAlamo
      I smiled through each word, who cares about grammar when every letter and word is filled with such appreciation and love! You are an amazing lady, and to have you here as a Polly is just another testament of the kindness and heart of the-Lily Pad
      MrsPeel likes this.
    • MrsPeel
      @AnneofAlamo THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I didn't write all that came to mind, but I should make a page or a whole book actually, on how you opened the doors to Tangie's Caravan back in 2011, and gave me a whole world of love, art, amazing women, amazing talent..... I need to catch up with you properly, your gallery and yourself... you know you are a star here at Taylor Girl's Mansion !!!!! Sarita is always asking for you, the kinds, the grandkids.. LOVE YOU with all my heart!!!!!!!![​IMG]
    • Claire Grantham
      I love this! You are such a warm and welcoming person, you made my entry into digi scrapping such a wonderfully happy place. I will be forever grateful and it has been lovely to read your delight at being welcomed into the fold way back when, makes it even clearer why you are so lovely. Your pages are a constant source of joy and inspiration to me and long may that continue. Also you probably don't know this, but your GSO post about me in December, made me cry, because the end of my work year had been awful and it was just so nice to see nice things about me, when some not so nice things had been said to me elsewhere. You are super thoughtful and kind and that is what life should be, which is why I love this community. x
    • Thuria
      Love the story and LO!
    • flowersgal
      I love you and your story. You have been such an inspiration to me with how you carry on and find delight in the midst of pain. Your encouragement has been a beacon to TLP not only for myself but for many others. Here's to you MS POLLY the place wouldn't be the same without you.
    • cfile
      This is fabulous my dear friend! I am so glad to hear the excitement still from when you became a Polly and the road you have taken to get there. You have a heart as big as the eye can see and you have always made all welcome. I am one of the lucky ones who has met you in person and thrilled to give you a huge hug in person. You are my Birthday twin and dear friend. I love how you have scrapped your Polly story. Much love my dear friend!
    • Saar
      I have no words... everything has been said... I agree with what's been said earlier... this place wouldn't be the same without you. The whole community wouldn't be the same without you.
      Nothing but love for you... you ARE this industry. You are what makes people love scrapping. You are one of the kindest and nicest persons around. I love you and your beautiful pages!
      Thank you for sharing your stories, thank you for caring for people. :beat:heartlub
    • EHStudios
      I read and relate to every word! Trying out so many places, being scared I wasn't good enough for this one, trying to feel I mattered in the digi community because it's good to feel wanted and like you belong somewhere and that others in the world DO care about you. This page is amazing! You always have a way with words that even language can't hide.

      Thanks for this gorgeous page & your gracious open heart!
    • bestcee
      This is fabulous! I love how you wrote about what brought you to the Pad and the many feelings and friends your experiences through it all. It's a beautiful page and a fabulous journey! Thanks for playing in my challenge!
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