MOC8 11 | 2020 Vision Board

MOC8 11 | 2020 Vision Board
mirjam, Jan 12, 2020
wordstrip 'no worries [carefree], turquoise foam plus, paper strip 'plus', black dot numbers [sisters], small brad 'plus', pointing finger, typewriter, turquoise flower, green tape 'days of the week' [so here's the story'], sneaker, wordstrip 'knowledge', stitched apple, quote Benjamin Fanklin[school's cool],
orange sequin [seriously], red flower [fallala], red felt heart, yellow bent felt arrow, green felt arrow [a way with words], stitches, be happy title [sprung], orange flower, floral tape [sprung templates], red apple [just like dad], crown, question marks sticker, paper chip 'progress not perfection' [a beautiful mess], yellow tape, pale pink texture stamp [moments like this], red doodled arrow - recolored [down the chimney], date label [make a change], dotted circle [captured], stamped frame -recolored [better together], texture stamp turquoise [luvyama], star scatter [younicorn], marker nrs 1-5 [story starters dancing dreamer], marker nrs 1-5 [story starters holiday stories], life is what you make it wordart [adventure], wordart health(y) [exercize, energize],

alpha's: ink pad, a beautiful mess, clear alpha with numbers [scrap fever], doodled swirly arrow [emphasizers]

papers: zebra paper [wild child], background paper [exercize, energize]
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