MOC Day 11- We're flooding now

MOC Day 11- We're flooding now
Rikki, Jan 11, 2018
On this day: 09.11.1989 the Berlin wall fell...
The title is what the border officers said at the border crossing when they decided to open the first barrier to the thousands of people waiting to go and take a look.

My journaling translated (215 words in the original, 206 translated)

On 09.11.1989 I was 22 years old and that day has stayed in my memory as a day when the unbelievable happened. It doesn't matter whether you were immediately concerned or whether nothing special happened to you on that day, the events that took place then make everyone still cry now. I was in the GDR only twice, once when visiting relatives and once on the way to West Berlin- What I remembered most was that is a place without a lot of colour. Today I watched a few You Tube Videos to refreshen my memory and - oh man - I started crying right away again. The protest without violence, the moral courage of Harald Jäger who opened the first barrier - at Bornholmer Straße -, the joy of the people who only wanted to come and take a look - not leave forever, the masses on the wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate... that is unforgettable.
Almost a year later we received this letter from Werner who posted it on 02.10.1990 with the last of the stamps that he had. The postal stamp says the date of the last day of the GDR. The following day it was history and Germany was one again.

TLP collab Happy (incl. the template by Fiddle Dee dee that I stripped almost bare)
Font: Gauthier
photo of the wall is from Wikimedia commons
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    • Tree City
      Oh wow, how wonderful that you kept the letter and the envelope--those small items can make a huge impact, not only emotionally but also historically. Thank you for sharing this!
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    • Karen
      What a perfect event to capture. I was 15 (and two young to REALLY get it) but I do remember this event happening and seeing the joy on people's faces on TV.
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    • plumdumpling
      Wow! What a strong memory and quite the event to have witnessed! Perfect idea for the challenge! I love those paint splatters - very reminiscent of the wall!
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    • *gina*
      Oh, I remember that day. Berlin is the hometown of my mom. She set at the TV with tears in her eyes (me, too) Great page!
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    • ashleywb
      Amazing page!! I remember this as well - I was a senior in high school. Love reading your first hand account. Beautifully scrapped.
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    • HeatherB
      What an amazing moment in history to journal about - great storytelling. Love the paint splats and the date label. Wonderful page! Thank you for playing along with my challenge!
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    • AMarieT
      I was 22 years old, like you ! I never forgot the pictures on TV. That was a GREAT moment for French people, too. Well scrapped.
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    • Rikki
      @AMarieT Oh, hello, it's you. I don't think I have seen you around here before, great to see you have joined us. Welcome! I know! I saw a layout on your blog about your birthday just the other day and thought, we are the same age... :) And not only that, we are only 6 days apart. You are the younger one!!
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    • Genniejoy
      I was just talking with my husband about this YESTERDAY! We discussed where we were and what we remembered, I was a teacher and had missed the start of the news and it took ages before I understood what they were showing pictures of and talking about. Even I cried as I watched in Australia, knowing what this meant as a history buff. Little did I know that in another ten years time I would marry a 50% German! We have since been back, had a massive family reunion and took our boys. My husband hadn't seen his German family (only his mum had come to Australia) for 30 years! (She took him when he was 8 and we stayed with the same cousin that he has stayed with back then!) It was so emotional! We spent ages at the 'wall' and Checkpoint Charlie. Then my 16 yr old son was there again 4 months ago on his school's overseas trip as he learns German (Lutheran School). I remember this event so well. :)
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    • Rikki
      @Genniejoy Yes, it was very moving time for everybody. It's great that you son holds up his German ancestry and learns German at school.
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