MOC 7 - Jan 20 - Miga

MOC 7 - Jan 20 - Miga
Jems, Jan 20, 2019
A LO about my sons stuffy, the top left is my journaling about him...

All Becca Bonneville - Super Fly -

This stuffy has been with us since you were about three months old. I went into a store and they had all of the Vancouver Olympic mascots for $3. I got you one of each. But you fell in love with Miga right from the start, you never even looked at the other ones. You comfort yourself by twiddling his tail. You have taken him everywhere since then. So when I could find more of them I would buy them and at $3 who cares. I managed to buy five and you were really good at letting me flip them out and wash them. Then Gillian at my work gave me number six. We tried to keep some in pristine condition for you. We had three in circulation, then you lost one, then a second one in quick succession. We only had four and three were in circulation. You pulled the nose off one, which finally got lost in superstore January 2019. You now have two in circulation and you know the difference, one is big miga one is little miga. They have however both lost their scarves now. They aren’t quite white and black anymore and they have very little (feel free to read no) fur on their tails. I have read up on the mascot and there are some funny similarities … Miga’s favourite food is Salmon, you LOVE salmon, his hobbies are anything fun and exciting, just like you. Also, I did read that Miga is actually a girl… who knew?

The bottom right are the facts about Miga
A mythical sea bear, part Killer Whale and part Kermode bear living off the coast of Vancouver Island. She loves surfing in the summer, especially in Tofino, and Snowboarding in the winter. The sea bear is inspired by the legends of the Pacific Northwest First Nations, tales of orca whales that transform into bears when they arrive on land. The Kermode bear is a rare white or cream-coloured sub-species of the black bear that is unique to the central West Coast of British Columbia. According to First Nations’ legend, Kermode bears – also known as Spirit Bears – were turned white by Raven to remind people of the Ice Age. Orcas are also honoured in the art and stories of West Coast First Nations, as travellers and guardians of the sea.
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    • *gina*
      gorgeous page - love the photos and your story
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    • cfile
      What a sweet story and so glad you have a few spares to keep them in circulation as you wash one. I love your page with all the sweet elements and fun papers to illustrate it. Well done! Thanks for sharing!
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