Moc 10 - Day 11 - Where I Live

Moc 10 - Day 11 - Where I Live
Annsofie, Jan 11, 2022
My hometown, a small town in southern Sweden, is actually world famous for one thing and that is Absolut Vodka. A transparent stylized glass bottle with a transparent liquid. In the south of Sweden, Åhus is also known for its ice cream, it started with Åhusglass and Tre Toppar when I was young , but today the ice cream is made by Ottos, however the size is still the same! The third thing Åhus is known for is the sea, the beach and the pier. The water is usually very cold, but it is so wonderful when the water is warm. I love living here, I think it is a beautiful little town and I love the proximity to the sea. So grateful that I get to live here!

125 words, Lovation inspired items: Geotag, compass, passport charm, travel stamps, map

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