Its Ok To Cry

Its Ok To Cry
dotcomkari, Sep 17, 2020
Dear you beautiful individual,
Life, sometimes it just smacks you down to the floor.
But what about when life takes you down so hard, it almost feels impossible to get back up? Or what about in that moment when you are at your worst, and your only form of expression is to cry?
See today, we don't talk about tears, we don't talk about when things get so hard, all you can do is cry. There is nothing wrong with crying. My mom has always told me "It's okay to cry, sometimes it is the only way you will heal from all the pain you are holding onto."
Lately, life's been happening, it's been rolling in through every corner. Sometimes it feels like it's too much, and I just want everything to stop. To feel overwhelmed is natural, to feel like you don't know the answer to everything is normal. It's okay to not have your whole life figured out, it's okay that you don't know everything.
I've hit life so hard, all I could do was cry. That's okay, when you just need to let it out, scream if you have to, but don't hold those tears in. You'll feel so much better, the second you let go and let yourself feel something.
You see, I've never been afraid to cry. I've never been afraid to just let it out, especially when it needs to come out. And there have been times, where I couldn't hide it, and I just needed to let it out. Even if people where around me. There have been times when it was triggered by sadness, by anger, but I think the worst type of crying is when you are unable to obtain yourself. When you are unable to speak. When you are unable to breathe, and one second feels like a life time because you haven't caught your breath. When you can't think straight, and you can't find yourself to speak without panting for a breath. That's the worst kind, yet at the same time is the best to heal.
Whether you are hurt, angry, happy, sad, and you just need to cry, do it. It isn't a sign of weakness, and so many think if you cry you are a "cry baby", or a "wimp". I tell you that you are not, many times that is the only way you can heal.
When words fail, when you are no longer able to say how you feel, or when you no longer have the strength to stay strong anymore, let it out! It's okay to cry!

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